Oh, Dear Teenage Years

This is it. The adulthood is calling.

I just woke up and went straight to my laptop so I can type this — OMG, I just had a huge revelation regarding myself, basically. I am counting the last 6 days until I turn 20 but I’m also thinking about all those past years that made me who I am today.

From the bullies in middle school, from the social anxiety I’ve had until 18 – and most importantly, from the amazing Internet people that helped me survive all the way since I was 12.

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You might think ‘Oh how can people on the Internet even helped you survive or even model your personality’ – Oh well, because I was bullied I was basically left out with no friends at a young age so I was relaying on the Internet where I found AMAZING people that inspired to do different things (blogging, fitness, volunteering. photography, videography) and while doing those things I found myself, basically, at some point. Some people that really inspired me to the full extent are iJustine, Jenna Ezarik, Shane Dawson, Shawna Howson, Catrific.




I also have a couple of happy moments as well that mark a new beginning – On my 14th Birthday, I got my first laptop and also 10 months later I got my first smartphone and that is when another part of my Internet existence started – I found it a luxury to be able to tweet from an app or have Instagram haha! 🙂

At 15 years old, I started doing more sports and that is when I started feeling way more good about myself so I kept going, even to this day 🙂 

Oh and how can I forget my 16th Birthday? — During those years I used to binge watch a TV show which was famous in Romania, A Bet With Life it’s called. So, on my 16th Birthday, I got backstage access and pre-show access to just hang around with the whole cast. It felt truly amazing and I was feeling incredibly blessed to be living those moments. 



When I turned 17 everything was very weird – right before my Birthday my mom has been taken to the emergency room and had a surgery – I was only able to celebrate my Birthday with her as well only about 3-4 days after. 

The age of 17 was actually great, even school was easier as I was a Junior.

This is the year when I opened my blog 🙂 First post here: link

When I turned 18 I felt like I got to another level so I booked my first International trip, ON MY OWN. So I visited UK (my second home today) and instantly fell in love with it 🙂

18 was also quite weird because I graduated high school, and failed some exams that were important (because I was lazy and didn’t think of their meaning). The summer of when I was 18 was also AMAZING because I got to spend my whole summer in the UK with my cousin.

The rest of the year was spent studying hard because I got in college and such stuff 🙂


The age of 19 on the other hand, still, the first part of the year has been spent studying hard – on the second part I passed those post high school failed exams, WITH AN A!!, got to attend my favorite music festival ever, Electric Castle and then I went back in the UK for 3 months and a half 🙂

And now I’m waiting for the 20th year, may God make it a good one xx 🙂

Those teenage years have been so good and I’m thinking – man, all I ever wanted was to be accepted. But you know what? I accept myself and if those around didn’t, I looked for new friends which I’m very grateful for today 🙂


Thank you so much for reading my blog. It makes me really happy and I want you to know that you guys are the thing I’m most grateful for <3







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  1. Lucky you. Only 20. Be happy you are just stepping into adulthood. I hope that you have an awesome birthday and that all your best dreams start coming true. Being way past all that I can tell you to enjoy every and each moment and find something to celebrate every day because from here on in time will seem to fly and you want to have many cherished memories by the time you get to 30. Blessing to you and have a blast. Life is good.

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