How Blogging Saved My Life

I’ve never really considered myself a ‘professional’ blogger but I joined this blogging world back in 6th grade… I created a lot of blogs and deleted the same amount. Now saying that blogging saved my life sounds really absurd but this is the truth.

I really felt the effects that blogging had on me.. and it basically saved my life,

as I said – I started blogging during the middle school years aka the years when I’ve been bullied pretty badly. I was in need of confidence, friends, and purpose. 

I had no friend to talk to or let my feelings out to… but my blog. Well.. several of them. I never used my name on them because I didn’t want anyone to find me. I was ashamed of how I was being treated by the other kids.

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Through blogging…

I learned how to be aware of the world that is surrounding me. I have developed myself into a positive person that looks most of the time at the bright side. I also consider myself to be an open-minded person that processes the information and acts accordingly, always calm. Oh and I also notice everything around me. I sense and recognize all of the vibes other people send.

I learned what is courage and what it takes to have it. Being courageous doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself in a lion’s cage at the Zoo. Being courageous means to just be yourself… and if you’re an introvert like me… putting yourself in the spotlight and let yourself be judged by the other when posting something new in your blog.. that is courage. So many people IRL that are considered ‘strong’ and courageous.. they lose their shit when other people says something bad about them.

I also learned how to be myself and I’m really serious about this. As I was saying, during those years, I was having some rough wounds and I wasn’t confident to connect socially with other people IRL.. so my only way was the Internet. Through blogging, I was basically discovering a part of me every day – when I was writing, when I was speaking to other people (and I was speaking openly to anyone because I wasn’t using my name on those blogs).

And the last thing… I learned how to be more professional. I like to think about when or what to say at the right time and with this comes.. the control and the discipline. This is an amazing skill I’m thankful for as I was able to develop it early.


What helped/helps you develop your own self?



18 thoughts on “How Blogging Saved My Life

  1. Beautiful post my darling! Although I am several years older than you I still remember how tough school days are. Well done for starting your own blog, keep up the amazing job.
    Blogging has a great impact on me as well. I must write about that on my blog one day.

    Love from

  2. Really appreciate your work.we all faces bad days but u shuld thanks for those days coz of those days u learnt to
    overcome bcm confident than b4. It helped u to know who u r.try hard till u succeed.

  3. I guess you’ve heard this a thousand times but I’ll say, very good words and very good thinking! There is nothing more important in this life than to know who you really are because through that knowledge is that you can know and understand others

  4. Thanks for sharing your story and your passion with us. I am sorry you were bullied, that’s just not right. The thing to remember is that bullies are totally insecure people. A true leader or confident person does not have the need to put anyone down. I’m glad blogging helped you through that time.

  5. My dear friend.. Thanks for sharing your story. I also feels the same and blogging is helping me a lot in these matters. I am sorry you were bullied, that’s just not right. However, I was not bullied but was quite insecure. The blog is helping me in eliminating such things. We can do everything and no one can stop us..

  6. All’s well that ends well.! It’s good to see you ended up in blogging. Now it’s time to show all the creativity to the world:)..All the best

  7. I love this post and I feel very much the same way. When my second son died it was my blog that kept me going and over years gave me the strength to carry on. I think blogging is amazing in that way.

  8. Oh Vlad that made me cry especially because of the struggles that you went through at school are similar to my own experiences. Bullying is horrible and it really makes you question your own self worth. But look how far you have come, you have made it and all those bullies must be kicking themselves for the way that they treated you. I am so pleased that you found blogging and it helped you realize how special you are. Keep being awesome x

  9. What a beautiful post! I feel much the same way .. having my blog has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Whether I’m happy or sad .. I sit down to write something every evening. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t a blogger just how much it means to me. Over the past few months I’ve really enjoyed reading your words. Keep going .. you’re doing pretty darn ok!

  10. Thanks for sharing this Vlad, nice to know you found solace in your writing. You seem to have developed a lot of useful qualities during your journey, being yourself is something A LOT of people struggle with likewise being professional lol…so good on you! I hope you continue discovering more about yourself and grow in your writing! 🙂

  11. Unfortunately bullying is a reality that we need not only to accept but also try to prevent it.I’m sorry you had to go though it and that it left such deep wounds into you. It does take a lot of courage to talk about it. I’m glad that writing has helped you. Blogging is a great support platform through the followers who appreciate your work.

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