How To Pull Yourself Together

We all have bad days that seem to last a lifetime.. but there’s always a rainbow after a rain. Or at least a sun ray.

Nobody is freakin’ perfect — we plan our day but we end up sleeping in, spill coffee on our clothes or have a bad day at work.

Things like these happen to everyone.

The worst side is that sometimes we kind of let those bad days take over so they become worse and worse…

NO! STOP! Not gonna happen. Not this time. And here is why:

Let’s try to reset those days RIGHT NOW…

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#1 Being Grateful

You may think your day is ‘slipping through your fingers’ but just step back right now and look at the bigger picture — count your blessings and realize that there are so many other people out there that are struggling more than you do.

Try to be thankful for every nice thing that happened to you and find that inner peace with yourself.

I’m a student at nursing and meanwhile, I was worried and anxious about my eyebrows that were done wrong I got to see children and people in pain that didn’t even compare to my struggle at all.

I quickly picked myself up and realized what is the reality. Remind yourself what you’ve accomplished in this life.

#2 Keep Your Relationships Healthy

It’s time to pick up some good ol‘ vibes by chatting and hanging out with your friends or family!

Personally, whenever I’m feeling bad or anxious I just call my mom and let everything out and she never disappoints to make me feel better. But also sometimes I’d rather just chat and hang out with my friends because a good conversation or some fun never hurts.

If you’re having a rough day you can stay alone and just excuse yourself, show them that you still love them and you’re not ignoring them, communication is the key!


#3 Relax Baby

Balance things out. If you’re overworked, it’s time for you to take a break. Almost like when it’s super hot outside and you have the urge to drink fresh cold water.

It’s time to do what you like — write, go for a run, listen to music or just take a nap. 

When you’re overworked there is a tension that needs to be released one way or another so you can feel healthy and full of life.

You could call a friend or just the family — and watch a good comedy as of the humor has a huge power. You could also get a nice mental clarity by joking about your problems — you can see them more clear as of the humor took all the seriousness out of it.




18 thoughts on “How To Pull Yourself Together

  1. I feel like everybody has their bad days and of course no one is perfect, it’s how you move forward that counts!

  2. I chuckled when I read your title. It’s so true. Sometimes I just feel I need to pull it together. Great tips and ideas too.

  3. I had no idea that you were a student in nursing but you are right we all have our bad days and some have it worse. We need to put it into perspective and be grateful for all the things that we do have x

  4. These are great tips and a sound basis for living a happy and fulfilling life. The more people embrace these principles, the more the world will be a better place. Good on you for taking the lead and showing a great example to those around you.

  5. We all have that kind of day sometimes. When I do, I just try my best to look at the positive side of it. I find some quiet time and thank God for my life and for the blessings He has given me. The thought alone that someone somewhere has it worse than me is enough to make me feel grateful for everything.

  6. One thing I would add to this list is music! Whenever I’m having a day that is less than ideal, I always try to turn on a song with good vibes. It’s nearly impossible to stay mad or angry after that…then I can sit down and re-evaluate what I am doing.

  7. Have you listened to any of Tony Robbins’ talks lately? One of the keys he says is to make gratitude a daily practice and gives some easy techniques for when life seems overwhelming. He always bring it back to being thankful for what we have. Great post

  8. Self care and acceptance is so important to our health. Thank you for sharing this. It’s made me stop and take a look at how I’m treating myself again.

  9. Totally agree! When you are sensitive like I am, the intensity is bit more. I try not to show it on the inside but I know it kills me inside. Being grateful for what we have is a wonderful way to see the positive side of life. lovely post

  10. Taking a nap always helped me and good music is also a good thing but the best thing is always remembering myself that i am important for me no matter what.

  11. I think being grateful is really important and really enjoyed reading your suggestions within the post. Thanks.

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