Winter and running!

Alright so now it’s winter! So what? We still want to look good! And to do that we have to actually do something! As outside is really cold and you go out for a run can be quite dangerous for your own health so I am coming with some tips and gears that you must have in order to feel good and not get sick!

To feel warm you will need a winter cap – it covers your whole head and at the same time it keeps you warm and basically you may feel better as you run!

Sunglasses – yes, I do realize that it’s winter but guess what!? Sun is still up even when it’s winter! And if it’s windy they are even more useful other than the sun!

A jacket – Not every jacket that you have, a light jacket that keeps you warm.

Gloves – I missed those in my own list when I went for a run today and my hands were basically frozen and I couldn’t even text my friend. LOL!!!

Tights – Even if you’re a man or a woman, you’re still a runner. Talking about looser tights… not those real “tight” tights. Lol.

Running shoes – Those are really important for a runner and remember, choose your shoes wisely because you do not want to slip (if outside it’s snowing). I guess, try to find light shoes that are still warm.

Anyway, those are my tips on “what to wear when outside is winter and you really wanna stay in shape” subject. Hope you have a great day and have fun running. Have a great day and God bless!