Banana Mugcake

I don’t usually post recipes but I shall start as I’ve got some brilliant ideas which are really simple! Do you have any eggs around you? How about oats? You are all set up but.. you need a banana now! You now have all of these ingredients, alot of ingredients as you can see, 3! Take 1/4 cup of oats and put them in a mug. Over those oats put an egg and mix! After that add the banana but make sure it is mashed! After that you can choose weather you want or no sugar (you can use sugar substitute as xylitol or stevia). After you added all the ingredients, mix them again and put them in a microwave for approximately 2-4 minutes (just make sure the mugcake won’t get out of your mug while in the microwave. This recipe is not mine, I also saw it online and thought I shall share it with you!s1