Travelling Essentials – Quick Trip

vlad vaida

Hey everybody! Spring Break and Easter is here and also the season of vacation. People are travellling just to visit their family or even just for a “relaxed” vacation. I am going in the UK and I really wanted to post a list on MY OWN travelling essentials.

Essentials, is often used for non-essential things. Travelling essentials, are, in my opinion, things that you use on daily basis. What do you do everyday? You start with your morning routine which includes hygiene. You can’t bring your whole bathroom so you have to bring what is the most important! Deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste!

After your morning routine, while you are home you just start doing work but if you are in holiday you just start to enjoy yourself. In case you are getting bored when waiting for something, you must pack what entertains you, phone and Nintendo DS in my case! You should bring a battery pack to charge your phone on the go in case you use it alot!

A CAMERA! I don’t think I will pack a camera though but only because my phone has pretty Good quality so I don’t think I should bring the camera with me.

One essential thing when you are travelling are comfortable clothes! I like to bring sweatpants and just workout whenever I have some time.

So those are my travelling essentials! Let me know what would you bring more!s1s1