How to stay positive when life is bad.

vlad vaida

Positivity is something each one of us has. Problem is, not everyone sees it. I, personally, struggle with this, probaly every single day of my life. I struggle to get out of my bed, I struggle to study and so on.


In my opinion, if you are reading this, you are a really strong person that does deserve better just because, even if you don’t realize, you do struggle with being positive and/or doing things you don’t wanna do and guess what, you do get through it. So, why not get through the rest of the things in life? It’s not easier, it’s just that you are used to get through the things that are happening every single day, so yes, if something unplanned happens, you do can get through it. I mean, Hello!! You are alive while some people are not (is that a good example?), You can walk, talk, see, but once again, some people are not able to do things you are doing, which, in my opinion, should be enough motivation for you.

If you are being negative, stop it, it’s that simple! Just like your phone wallpaper, if you don’t like it, you change it, it’s that simple! How does it work with humans? Just stop focusing on bad and start focusing on good things.


Your life is not under ONLY ONE SINGLE ASPECT that is negative, your life is under more aspects, good or bad, look at the whole picture, what will you see?

One way to “activate” your positivity is to do things that also “activates” your endorphines. My own way is to do things I enjoy which is running. Go outside, take pictures, upload them to Instagram, hang out with your friends, enjoy the time with your family.

Positivity can be found in anything if you look at the whole picture, I mean, just try!