Five Things to do everyday to be happier!

vlad vaida

Hey guys! So I’ve been debating if I should or not write a new blog post, but if you read this it means that yeah, I did that. The content below has been written since a few days ago but publishing and finishing it today Yay!!!

Life is important but most importantly is not to lose it by doing things that make you unhappy! Maybe you are probaly forced to do things that make you unhappy, like school, but I prepared a little list, 5 things to do everyday to feel happier.


1. Be YOUrself. Before you think like “Oh, not again this stupid thing repetead everywhere.”. This is the truth, be yourself to be a happier person. When I say, “Be yourself” all I’m saying, for example, stand for your opinion in fron of your friends. If your friends wanna go swimming that’s okay, tell them that you want to go play football and maybe your idea is a better one for them either. All I’m saying is that, be yourself, you can help other be better people.


2. Get new outfits.

I feel like all the people are a living proof that changing outfits and getting new clothes is a thing that makes everyone feel better, yourself and probaly some people around you. Mix your outfit, get a new pair of shoes, maybe a new shirt or new pants and then combine all those things to create your own style.


3. Work Out.

Well, you might need a little motivation to do atleast the first workout. But, I’m gonna explain you how this makes you happier. When you work out, there is a chemical thing happening your brain. When you sit all day, sometimes, your brain releases those stress hormones that just make you feel lazy and/or miserable. When you work out your brain releases “endorphines” which are the opposite thing of that stress hormone. Endorphines are a happy feeling and it’s just great. Try it!

Oh and by the way, you shouldn’t work out intense everyday, those endorphines sometimes last for days so you can have them even the next day after working out. You have to rest atleast a day a week.

4. Listen music. Loud.

I feel like this is the same as working out because whenever I listen music I feel like I’m getting the same feeling. It’s a proven fact that music tends to relieve stress in life. Just don’t listen music too loud that your neighbour’s kids might do that.


5. Lay on your bed.

This one is really simple. Just lay on your bed and let the stress get away and just scroll your Instagram feed and tweet. That’s it.

Anyway guys, those are 5 of my things I sometimes do everyday to feel better. I still struggle too but sometimes those things can help me get through it.