Summer 2015 Highlights

vlad vaida

Summertime. Beach time. Semi-Nakey girls time.

But no, that my dear, was not my summer or how I even hoped it would be. This summer was I-N-S-A-N-E.

  1. Graduation. Ever since 12 years ago, since the first day of school, couldn’t wait to graduate. As weird as it sounds. However, graduation has got me some feelings I never ever thought I had. Real happiness. Feeling that you actually achieved something important (for me, atleast). What I actually liked about graduation, was when people, like, started congratulating me and I felt really good in those moment. Here are some pictures with my outfit and flowers I got as a congratulations gift. After that we all went for some coffee and ice-Cream as it was really hot outside!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      20150528_101251 20150528_101546 20150528_101315 20150528_112343 20150528_114501 20150528_135936
  2. Relaxing time. That was post-graduation exams, which were at the end of June. Once again, I felt really good because I knew I graduated and I was actually planning my moving to UK strategy. I love UK alot. Beside planning my trip to UK, I relaxed in my way like playing on my Xbox or listening to music.                                                                      s03 s1
  3. My cousin’s wedding. This doesn’t really sound exciting at all. But the cousin that got married, is one of my cousins I grew with, is one of the cousins that dropped me on the floor when I was probaly not even a year old and she felt bad about it (that was her sister probaly, whom I also love as much). The cousin that got married is the same cousin I stayed at my grandparents house over the summer with. However, she is special, and I saw her in probaly her most special moment of her life.                                                                                                                                                s1
  4. Moving to UK (sorta.). This year, was supposed to be a gap year, where I take a break from school and live in the UK for this year also to work (I live in Transylvania). Everyone told me how hard it is here but I never actually believed anyone because I knew what I wanted. But they were right, It is hard and even though I feel I can do what I wanna do, I’m not ready for such a responsability as taking 100% my life in my hands. And this is okay. I’m not ready so I am “cancelling” that gap year and enrolling into college right away.           s04 s03 s02 s01

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!