UK Trip 2.0 : Shopping Haul Edition

vlad vaida

Hey! How are you?

Sooo, last time, I showed you some photos and even a video I took in the UK. well, while taking those photos and video, I had to go through the city (wow, really?) and while doing that I noticed so many shops and so many things I just wanted to buy! I I did bought some things are kinda hard to find here, in Transylvania. The shopping haul starts now:

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5 comments on “UK Trip 2.0 : Shopping Haul Edition

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  2. Jhoana Carla

    Hey my friend will be going to UK next month. Any shop you can recommend? She wants to buy lots of souvenirs too.


    • Alright, so, souvenirs were really hard to find, but if you are going to London or museums you will find them easily! For example, that red bus I bought, it is from Coventry’s Transport Museum. If she is a fan of low priced clothes and stuff to decorate your room, she should try Primark! Primark has low priced clothes and other stuff you can put around your room. She can also go to “B&M” where she can find, for example, paintints (eg. in my blog post, those New York paintints, she can get London ones), bed sheets that have London or Uk’s flag all over. Mugs that have Uk and signs from Uk. So, in my opinon, as a visitor, she should go to Tesco, Sainsbury’s (For candy), B&M, Museums and famous places (there she can find souvenirs), Urban Outfitters, Primark, River Island (for clothes).

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    • Coming to Uk visit my blog it will be helpful


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