To forgive, or not to

vlad vaida

I really keep some hate feelings over some specific people, and this is not ok.

Ever since I started studying more psychology or sociology I realized I was wrong and finally got over those hate feelings, because it’s really, not worth it and I’m gonna tell you why.

To be honest, I was really mad at those people and tried to get them away from me just because they did or said a bad thing. I really love those people right now and so I did before. I was just irritated with what they said. I got over that hate feeling when I realized, Hey, people do and say stuff they don’t realize in that moment and holding some hate against them is just not worth it. Even if they find out I dislike them, they won’t know why, because guess what, they don’t read my mind.

Humans have, for example, 2 aspects in their life, and I don’t like one, but I like the other. Do you think it’s worth it to hold hate over somebody because I don’t like 1 aspect in his life? Like, a friend, I like the way he talks to me, but I don’t like his clothes, should that affect our relationship? Or, that friend, is a good friend, but by mistake, he says something bad, without realizing, do you think I should hold bad feelings for that person?



Photo by: @ionnutvieru