“Fear The Walking Dead” Review

vlad vaida vlad vaida

Spoiler alert!

Hey guys, so, never watched those types of shows. Right now, while writing this, I’m watching this show, but on episode 3.

I’ve been watching mostly Tv-Shows that were with lawyers (Suits), 90210, police (Blacklist), Lost, thrillers (Pretty Little Liars) or Orange Is The New Black.My point is, this new type of show is new for me.

The first episode, the pilot, was around 1 hour long and it was great presenting the characters, A mother with 2 kids and a father who has other family. So, 2 families involved that are running away from this. This whole thing about dead people walking and killing people was discovered by their son who is well known for doing drugs so pretty much nobody believed him.

As I’m only halfway episode 3, and only 4 episodes were released yet, I think it is a great show for those who like, police type of shows and supernatural types of shows.

So, try watching atleast the Pilot episode and figure out if you should keep watching it or not. But, if you decide to watch the first episode, WATCH IT, don’t tell all over your social media accounts because this is what I’ve done and didn’t understood anything lol. So I re-Watched it Lol.

Go watchhh!