Smoothie, random but nice.

vlad vaida

A smoothie. I did it in September. But it was fresh.

We kinda know that fall is the season of fruits. Yes, summer has it’s perks, but fall too. Grapes, Apples, Pears. I’ve been playing around the blender and I got a real nice smoothie.

The recipe, well, of course, it’s a smoothie, you can adjust this recipe to your needs and however you like it. But, my smoothie had like:

  • 300g of Grapes.
  • 100g of Pears.
  • Tbsp of chocolate powder.
  • Ice.

That was all. It was all delicious. You can make a smoothie too, just get your blender working, cut some fruit in pieces, your favorite fruits and blend it up. It’s a great source of vitamins for you.