What I have in my bag for the first day of college – Guy version

vlad vaida

Ok, so, some of you may start college and you probaly don’t even know what to bring with you. Don’t worry. I didn’t know either. I just guessed. Before classes, I kinda always go in a coffee shop, or after classes, just to relax a little bit and read (Not college related stuff) or stay online. So, what I had with me, on the first day of classes, below.

This is just an objective perspective over the bag.11260454_1677793282461893_5794120636932387741_n

  1. I had, of course, my headphones because I love to listen to music, before, in between classes or after classes. Those are the Apple’s earbuds.12096396_1677793272461894_2119373893359972834_n
  2. As I said, I like to read stuff, that are not college related, when I’m in a coffee shop. So here it is, a book by Shane Dawson. A YouTuber.    11224860_1677793419128546_6681968861836041014_n
  3. A notebook, where I keep myself organized and believe it or not, that’s the place lots of my posts on this blog belong first.            12074962_1677793285795226_2316083921795028760_n
  4. My wallet, because, well, ID, card and some cash because coffee.12074642_1677793279128560_1132257324968128817_n
  5. Mouthwash because sometimes I really wanna feel fresh without brushing my teeth, on the go.12046918_1677793425795212_3017317442921844888_n
  6. And of course, the stuff I use for college. Lol.12063464_1677793422461879_4248828017207537118_n