I made waffles.. in a toaster.

vlad vaida

So, I made some waffles, but in a toaster, and guess what, they were good. Lol. I really wanted to make waffles, by myself, and not buy. At first, I wanted to make pancakes but they turned out into an omelette so I poured that pancakes batter into the toaster, and it turned out good.

The recipe, for one serving, is:

-40g of all purpose flour (I recommend oat flour)

-1 egg

-1 banana

-100ml of milk (Whole, Almond, Skimmed)

-1 teaspoon of vanilla

-1 tsp of baking powder

-Optional, if you like chocolate, use chocolate powder, how much you want.

Mix all that, pour in the waffle maker, toaster or even make pancakes and there you go! (Spray your waffle maker/toaster so it won’t stick). Leave it around 10-15 minutes to cook. Top it with whatever you want! Fruits, Nutella or Syrup.