Things to do on a lazy FALL day!

vlad vaida

Hey guys, what’s going on? I’ve been thinking since some time to do this kind of post but I guess I just start writing it now. So, whenever it’s fall, either it’s weekend or week time, you are bored and what do you do? Watch Netflix and chill. Yeah. I like that. But, it’s fall, and you can do so many fun stuff! I will let you know just 5 of them. Enjoy reading!

  1. Go to a park and feel good. – So, fall season is pretty yellow-ish. The nature changes it’s colors and it’s just a little bit colder. Depends on where you live. If you are bored, you should go out in a park, get a blanket (or even some pillow), headphones and some coffee. Relax while watching the nature.
  2. Make fall snacks. – Pretty sure you guys know what I’m talking about here! Fall means PUMPKIN, APPLES and GRAPES! Just make a whole bunch of snacks you like because those fruits are SO GOOD and healthy! Just get some basic apples and dip them into some Peanut Butter! So (1)
  3. Take photos. – We all have Instagram, we all want to have a feed that looks good. Now, it’s time to go out, in the fall time and take some really nice pictures and put them on Instagram. Proffesional photoshoot, just using your phone or taking polaroids that actually look so good on your feed.