Embarrassing moment in my life

vlad vaida

Hey guys, so, I was just listening to some music and editing some pics.While editing I found some Uk pics I have taken this summer, not shared ones, they are decent but I have taken around 2,000 pictures and shared like 100 of them. Anyway, I just remembered a very embarrassing moment that happened when I was coming home from there, back in April.


The airport there has enough stuff to handle anyone so everything was going smooth, in comparation with the airport in my city which is very small.

I was very stressed out, as always, because I was travelling alone and it was one of my first times, and we all know airport security and stuff is a big deal when you are in a foreign country.

The morning before heading to the airport, I was dressing up and noticed my ripped sock, I was like, whatever, it’s not like anyone will see it and therest are packed deep in my luggage, so not worth the effort.

I was at the security and they told me to GET MY SHOES OFF!

Holy crap, that was the moment my heart stopped beating as there were a lot of people.

I did took my shoes off and HAHAHA people were able to see my ripped sock but who cares, it’s 2015, it could be a trend.

After that, everything is ok but MY SHOE IS MISSING! I literally imagined the whole scenario, I would be walking with no shoes around the airport (Could have been killed in that moment and wouldn’t be mad). They found my shoe afterwards as it got lost SOMEHOW, even though it was on their trays. However, this was a moment I still relieve and my heart beats fast when thinking about it.

Really wanted to share this with you guys. ThankYou for reading and hope you will have a great day!!

Ps. Here are some photos I have edited these days.