How to get a white feed on Instagram without paying for Facetune

vlad vaida vlad vaida

I really wanted to get whiten the background of my photos but didn’t really want to invest in another app as I already got Camera+, Afterlight and so on. Really wanted to share with everyone How I managed to do this, FOR FREE, on my phone.


#1 Open YouDoddle and import your picture

step 1.png

#2 Select ‘Air Brush’ and then make sure you set up the color white (Size: 300, Softness 100%, Opacity: 6,58%)

step 2.png

step 3.png

#3 After you’ve done all these settings, just whiten the white zones of the picture by dragging your finger on the screen.

It might not end up ‘pretty’ but it’s a process.

step 4.png

#4 Save the picture as a JPG.

step 5.png

#5 Open Photoshop Express and import your photo

#6 Select ‘Corrections’ and use the Sharpening function – I used it at max.

Edit the exposure – 25%

Add Highlights and lower the Shadows

Settings may very depending on your picture.

step 6.png

#7 Save the picture and then open it again using the Instagram app — you can do a few more adjustments there but it’s optional.

In my case I usually edit – Brightness, Contrast, *Sometimes* the warmth, Highlights and Shadows —

Apps used:
YouDoodle: iTunes:

Photoshop Express: iTunes: