Top 15 Christmas movies you should watch – Blogmas day 5

Hey guys! So yes, today we are going to talk about Christmas movies! We all love Christmas movies, right? Add some coffee with it, a comfortable bed and there you go! Added by a snuggle sesh with your dog or anybody else lol. I’m going to enumerate some Christmas movies I ALWAYS WATCH around Christmas time! I will add the poster + the trailer so you can see what they are about!

#1. Home Alone (1 and 2)



#2. Home Alone (3,4,5) – I added these later as they don’t seem to be like the first.





#3. Deck The Halls. – This one is one of my favorite ones, beside the “Home Alone” series.


#4.Christmas with the Kranks.


#5. A Nanny for Christmas. – Actually watching this right after writing this. No joke.


#6. The search for Santa Paws – I like dogs. Ok?


#7. The Elf – Not gonna lie I also watched this today! Hahaha!!


#8. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure – Also watching this every Christmas!


#9. Miracle on 34Th Street – This one is actually very special for me!


#10. All I want for Christmas


#11. The Polar Express


#12. Four Christmasses


#13. A mom for Christmas


For an unknown reason I was not able to find a good trailer but I found a promo! I saw the movie and it’s actually better than in this 240p promo lol.

#14. His and Her Christmas


#15. The Holiday – Shotout to my old HighSchool teacher for showing me this movie! I just like it!!



Hope you guys enjoyed my own list of top 15 Christmas movies! If you have any suggestions leave a comment because FA LA LA LA! Ps. Scroll down to see my resume of day 5 of 12 days of Christmas!


And now, my day, I’m still sick but as I said I watched some Christmas movies and snuggled in bed with my dog, lol! Merry day 5 of 12 days Christmas!s1


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