5 CHRISTMAS HACKS! – Blogmas day 5

Hey guys, so today I’ve decided to show you some Christmas hacks that will make your life easier, I mean, atleast this time of year? Right?


#1. – If you have glass or basic ornaments but scared to break them over the year, use plastic cups for protecion. If you have smaller ornaments, use egg cartons.



#2. This is INSANE but I would love somebody to do this one for me! Are you making a present for somebody? Put their picture on the present itself!


#3. Store Christmas lights by wrapping them around the “wall” of a box!


#4. Use zip ties to stick the Christmas lights!


#5. Turn your fridge into a SNOWMAN!


All you need is creativity, paper, scissors and some tape (or magnets)!


Hope you guys enjoyed and hope you will have a great day!