How I control my anxiety attacks

Hey guys, so today I really wanted to talk about something that has been happening to myself since some time! Anxiety attacks!


What is Anxiety from my point of view:

Anxiety is a major problem that is very common among all of us, however it is worse to some of us, including me!

Anxiety, the worse case of it can be achieved by living a rough path in your life! When living that rough time that rough time you start making your “Own world” that would make you feel comfortable, as nothing from the real world would. Anxiety, in my opinion, is when your own world doesn’t match anymore how you wanted it to be. You put everything in an actual order but something happens, even the littlest ridiculous thing can affect your whole day! Why? Because you are simply emotionally attached to everything that takes place in your own world.

How my anxiety attacks happen:

I just sit in a place and start analysing every single thing that sorrounds me! I get itchy and worried about everything! I wonder if I have a disease and how long I am supposed to live. I get scared by every single thing and can’t concentrate to anything. I have no inspiration to live and all I wanna do is sit alone in a dark and quiet place and if I don’t get that I just want to run away from everything. Good or bad. Everything is too overwhelming.

Long story short: I get disconnected from the real world and try to sit in my own world, that’s when my own world doesn’t match HOW I KNEW IT WAS.

DRAW OF ANXIETY STAGES from my point of view:

The first photo, STAGE 1 ilustrates:

REAL WORLD – Where everything takes place.

Me: Where I am, in real world.

My own world, my comfort world. The place my mind goes when I dislike real world.




I dislike real world. My own world is not in the same real world where I am because my own world IS NOT THE SAME AS THE ONE I CREATED. “Me” is struggling to get into it’s comfort zone, which is inexistent. This is the anxiety attack.



On the second stage, your mind doesn’t have a comfort world, that world of comfort so while struggling another one is created.



How I overcome and control my anxiety:

This is something that can work instantly because you have to realize you are in your own control! Everything is in your mind. When you have an anxiety attack just sit back and relax. Let go of everything! After that you can start writing everything that you feel wrong about on a piece of paper, every problem looks big in your mind but when you write it and then read it you are like “That’s not such a huge problem”. Or you can make yourself comfortable by just being around people that make me comfortable, family or friends or even your own pet. Pets, are known for a fact they help people feel better about themselves, why do you think dog’s are man’s best friend?                                                                                                                          Sometimes I drink some coffee or tea, usually coffee as I’m used to it and it does make me feel comfortable!

Post anxiety effects:

This usually vary person by person, depends how much you are overthinking stuff! After your anxiety attack is gone I look at it as something was controlling my own mind. Like, that was not me. That was this “demon” that made me feel so cranky about everything! Which brings me to, anxiety is NOT rational! Anxiety is normal, that pre or post exam one, but the worse one is a problem that sadly is among us, people, but not really recognized as a problem!