As I say it alot, Christmas is a special Holiday and because it’s spirit is fading away year by year we should all make our Christmases more special and “challenge” the spirit. Long story short, make some feel special or good.

I’m showing you 5 easy steps to do last Christmas shopping and make it special for everybody!

Step 1.

Think about everybody. Try to make stuff comfortable for, coffee lovers, tea lovers, music lovers, snow lovers, tropical lovers, baking lovers, candy lovers. Try to buy stuff to impress everybody. Yes, you can make tea and coffee lovers happy at the same time with a chai latte. Try to combine what makes every individual happy into one.

Step 2.

Avoid crowds. This may seem like an odd idea but if you have last minute Christmas shopping, do it in the midnight, not even kidding. You know how many people are doing it right now. Day before Christmas Eve.

Step 3.

Get a camera, or a memory card to make sure you capture every moment this Christmas so you can show it to your kids and your newphews. Lol. You can even make a DIY storage for every Christmas’s memory card.

Step 4.

Look up again and make sure you have Christmas presents for the family, if you don’t then you know what to do.

Step 5.

Relax. You have been through a lot of Christmases. It’s gonna be ok. Relax. Make a list and go to the shop whenever you feel good and RELAX!

Ps. This is how my country looks now. Very Christmassy and white. HAHAHA.s1