How to enjoy Christmas Eve alone, without family or friends.

It’s Christmas. Jesus is borned and everybody deserves to feel that joy and be happy! Not everybody is lucky enough to have a supportive family or friends. I’m gonna show you a list on how you can enjoy Christmas and not feel bad about it.

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#1. Decorate your room!

Easy as it sounds, put on as many Christmas decorations as you have! Take some selfies, upload them to Social media. It will make you feel better.

#2. Send Christmas cards to random people/ strangers or make presents to homeless people.

Christmas is about giving. Giving joy. You may not receive it from who you would want but you can give other people the joy too. You don’t need money to buy expensive stuff. You can send Christmas cards or wishes to people you know online, strangers, whoever you want!

You have stuff you don’t need so you can give them away to those who don’t have them. A jacket can help a homeless man a lot and it would mean the world for them if it’s cold in your country. Try it. Giving joy is a great feeling even if it may not seem so.

#3. Buy yourself some expensive gifts.

I said expensive because you are worth more than expensive. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it.

#4. Go to a lonely people Christmas party.

I’m sure this is a thing in your city too. Just do some research. They seem fun thought I haven’t been there yet. Sometimes the entrance is free and the party is right in the Christmas Eve!

#5. Volunteer at a church, hospital or jail.

This is just like “giving joy” but it’s really great to volunteer and be able to help people! I promise you won’t regret it.