What I got for Christmas haul – Last day of Blogmas!

So, because we all like hauls, this is what is gonna mark the end of my Blogmas! It has been such a good time to blog everyday for you guys! I hope I will do a better job next year if I will get some new equipment to provide more original photos! I think that the next year, my Blogmas will start on December 1 until Christmas not just 12 days of Christmas.

BeFunky Collage

Here is the haul:

This haul is not about what I got last nigh only but what I got the whole month December, from Santa ;).


First of all, I got the usual 10$ from my grandparents hahaha!


I got this pair of jeans from my parents.



Coffee. Lol. Who doesn’t like that?



I bought this for myself because I do like camo. (H&M)



Another blouse, but this one is more like a sweater. (H&M blouse, pants from Zara – the one I bought some months ago, check old blog posts to find the exact pair if you want one too).



Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas and I hope you had a great one!BeFunky Collage