I think I’m in… What’a heck is love?!!

Hey guys! How are you?

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones! You haven’t heard from me since 25 December but that’s only because I tried to have fun on my own, or with my friends, or even meeting a old “friend”. *Creepy wink*.


Ok so, sipping my hot chocolate right now while writing this and listening to a basic Spotify playlist I randomly found but I love it like it was made for me.

What’a heck is “Love”?

If you Google it you see a thousand of definitions, but they only define PARTS of love and not WHAT is love. But what if “those parts” are making the whole definition? What is it at the end? That’s what I’m trying to find.


First of all. Where does it come from? Where does love come from? Why? I just want to punch that part of the brain that makes me so obsessed with a person without any reason. That part of the brain that melts my legs when I’m in front of that person.

I love it, though.

Those bloody feelings. I love them. They make me feel “love”

How do you know it’s love and that you’re not sick? Don’t even ask me bro I’m probaly both of them. Maybe I just have to accept it. It’s scary though.