Why I’m not sad for not reaching New Year’s Resolutions

Every end of year. Every. Each one of us has some resolutions that we wish to accomplish, wheter they are “official” or they are just in your mind. A resolution is a resolution.



Every year I would put resolutions that I don’t really want to do them or even if I did I wouldn’t work so hard for it. I would put it next year. Same story though. My wishes became my obsession.

After some time, like probaly this year, after living in the Uk for like a whole summer I’ve come to meet a new culture with new people that are probaly more open minded than where I live.

That was eye opening! 2 cultures, 2 different stuff, SAME PEOPLE! Why? Because they literally know how to appreciate most of the things they have. Sure, we are people, we put our hopes up and hope it works but it’s not really worth it.

Instead, this year, if you still want to make new resolutions, think of ways to achieve them, why you want to achieve them and just do them! SAY YES TO WHAT OTHERS SAY YOU SHOULDN’T SAY SO! It may be a mistake, it may be life changing. Your risk your win.


My 2015 Highlights are though:

I met new people that I can call now real friends!

Visited Uk 2 times! One time for 2 weeks and the other for like 2 months!

I started using my blog more often.

I started opening myself to you guys WAY MORE!

I had the courage to say “yes” or “no” whenever I felt like.

I had the courage to tell my crush I like her.


Of course, those are just some of the stuff I enumerated and I can only Thank God for them! ❤


You guys should start looking at the bright side way more often!



Foto: Ionut Vieru


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