Is the New Year’s Eve most depressing night?


I will keep it short but for real now, what do you think? I mean, every year has it’s downsides but then they have things that went to our heart, good or bad. Could that be the reason it’s depressing? Maybe we are both alone in the darkness looking at other people how they party? No? Ok maybe you may not feel accomplished enough to party? Could be that.

In my case it could be the fact I’m spending it alone or that because I lost some people who I thought they were my friends. Or maybe I just said the wrong things and that teared some people I loved away from me.

Guys. Whoever you are, I hope you are having a fantastic New Year’s Eve and if you are like me, feel lonely or depressed, just know that you are not alone. 🙂

Even those with friends are probaly feeling the same! Bless you guys! ❤


What I’m doing tonight:

Playing some good video games with other people, listening to some good music and drinking some wine 🙂 I wish the person I love could have been here though. But anyway, we all try to cheer ourselves up!s1