I haven’t cut my hair since 8 months

Hey guys! This is just another blog post of mine where I talk about mother nature and how it makes you feel better about yourself. Sorta.

Did it helped me get better with anxiety stuff? Sorta. I mean just playing with my hair was such a stress reliever and it also made me feel comfortable. So yeah, it helped me with my anxiety + body image. But I will talk in another post about that.


Let me tell you the whole story in a shorter way!

I was in a orthodox school and I had some stricter rules regarding my image!

Most of my life, my hair style was decided by my parents because I just didn’t care at all, lol! (Not kidding on this one).

Near graduation I decided I want to try “my own style” and this is what I did. Problem is, I didn’t know what was my style so I just searched on google “guys hairstyles” and I saw something I actually liked!

April 2015.


Next day I went to the barber shop and ta daaa!

May 2015.


I know what you are thinking, “What was in your retarded mind?”.

But then I kept leaving it grow, growing it was not on my list. But I just left it grow and see what happens.

Around June 15, 3 weeks later.


My thoughts were “I’m gonna leave it exactly how it is now”.


So I left it keep growing until around July 15 when I had a haircut. But the woman from the barber shop didn’t really understood what “a little bit” means for me and she cut like half.


Ok so around July was the last time in summer when I had a haircut.

July 30.


Around August 10.


End of August.



Middle September.



October is the month I got to be VERY ANNOYED with my hair that kept coming into my eyes.


It pretty much started to be fun and be able to do stuff with it like different hair style or head bangs.

November 2015.


December 2015.



5 minutes ago.


How much longer do I want it? No more. But it keeps growing. and I like it.

I will talk in another blog post what is different since I grew my hair. If I wash it more frequently, do I wash it the same way, do I take care of it. You know.


I really appreciate everytime you guys read my blog posts so thank you! <3.

Ps. I still run that 100 happy days challenge here, you can start it right now if you want to. 100 HAPPY DAYS CHALLENGE.