My sleep paralysis experiences


Hey guys! So I was scrolling through Netflix to see what I can watch and this documentary just pops in front of me. I don’t understood what sleep paralysis is but the documentary seemed interesting. I do some research and I find out what sleep paralysis is. This is not a coincidence, I have been researching about sleep paralysis ever since I woke up because it happened to me… 15 hours ago I woke up from that. Watching the documentary I realized what happens to me every year. Sleep paralysis is not something regular for me, but when it happens I remember that experience my whole life. I’m gonna talk to you about 3 experiences. 2 from my childhood and the 3Rd is the one that happened to me last night.

1. I was sleeping in my room. In my “dream” I was with my family. Like the whole family, even the aunts or cousins that don’t live with me. I remember the night before that happened to me something similar so in the next night, the one I’m talking about now, I refused to sleep alone so I slept with my parents (I didn’t had a brother back then). I was right in that room and my vision would be yellow-ish or red-ish. There was somebody that was trying to get in the house. I was right in front of the door. That “Somebody” was a terrifying figure with red eyes and I was literally forced to look at it and I was completely terrified. My family was behind me and they were acting like nothing was happening which was very frustrating for me. That figure kept coming really close to me and I tried to run or do something but I was not able to do ANYTHING. After that I woke up SWEATY and screaming. Nobody was awake. Nobody heard my terrified scream but I was sweaty. I could see that door in front of me but I was finally able to move. I started praying in the moment I fell asleep again and woke up like nothing happened.

2. My second experience it was way more terrifying and I will never forget this one. I was still a kid, probaly in the 3Rd grade. I was at my grandparents. I fell asleep in a completely dark room (my cousin who reads my blog will understand what I’m saying about that completely dark room). So I fell asleep and sometime around 3Am I woke up but I was not able to move. I saw the dark room but it was way more terrifying than ever. I felt like I had a huge pressure on my chest. I was not able to breathe. I felt my whole body vibrating. I felt like dying. I literally can’t describe what I felt in that moment but truth is I’m am relieving everything now. I re-feel that and it’s just terrifying and suffocating.

3. Last night. That’s very similar to my other experiences but I know it’s intense. I fell asleep and I was terrified. I was still not able to move. I could see stuff around me. Something was definitely chasing me. I was not able to move and even if I tried it would be pointless. I still woke up and first thing I did was a Google search. That was not a night mare. I had nightmares before but this was what I would call “Sleep paralysis”. I’m paralysed and I have no control over what I’m doing. I don’t even do anything but I’m terrified by what’s happening around me and I’m not able to run.

I remember something like last night, older but can’t remember just this exact scene, I would fall from a rooftop or stairs and wake up right before touching the ground.