How to make your Sunday not so depressing

Hey guys! It’s Sunday! Yay! I mean… Nay!


Sunday is the kind of day that you still have this school/work break but it’s depressing because you know it’s sort of over. Does it make sense?

Ps. Follow me on Snapchat (Kyrriso) to see what I did today, the snaps are expiring in 20 hours so hurry, Lol).

However, I am right now on Netflix and been making a list of the shows or movies I watched (and still watch right now) and they are kind of fun to watch because I like comedies. You can watch horror and make yourself feel better. Or whatever movies that you want (I know you’ve been thinking I’d make a dirty joke right now).

In the morning I have watched the first episode of “Making A Murderer”.


I watched (and still watch) the Scary Movie series. I am now on the 3Rd and I just realized there is even a 5Th so YAY!


In the night I am planning to watch “White Chicks” Oh yeah that movie is always good.


And I will call it a night by watching “Skins”. Which by the way, I LOVE THE FIRST AND LAST GENERATION!


And this is how I make my Sundays better! Some Sundays are dedicated to studying but sometimes those days are Saturdays so I can just chill on Sundays!


What’s your way to make your Sunday better?

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