Struggles of being a Belieber


Being a Belieber, even in 2016 is still something VERY HARD! As you know, Justin Bieber is a singer that had to get through a very rough path to get where he is! In 2009 he started his career and at the age he had at that time I imagine it was very hard as he was cyber bullied ALL THE TIME! People would call him all the names!


But he kept going through all the hate… His video was probaly the first on YouTube to reach 1 million dislikes. His fans, his supporters would also be called names too for whatever reason I never understood!

So, let’s get into the struggles!

  1. Sometimes you can’t tell people you are a Belieber if you are very anxious of what people think of you.
  2. You have to watch Justin’s movies or freak out over his songs alone as you don’t have a lot of Belieber friends IRL.
  3. Sometimes you get called mean names.
  4. As you are a Belieber, even in 2016, you have to watch your idol being “broken down” in pieces by people.s1
  5. You ALWAYS have to explain WHY you like Justin and his music! At the end of the day you can’t really change people’s opinion but we all try, isn’t it?

Fun Fact: Beliebers were the first to get a fandom name!


One thing Justin teached us to was to do what the heck we like to do and forget the haters! We went through it. He came successful than ever!

There are a few more struggles but I will let you say some too in the comments below!:) Thank you for taking time to read! ❤