9 things that I learned growing up / 9 lucruri ce le-am invatat crescând


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I know all about adulthood. Just saying some stuff that changed for me since childhood.

One pic of me when I was little with one of mi bestie(I know those are not words) cousin. On the note. I’m the blondie kid.



  1. Everything is expensive. – I write this the first one because I relate to it. When I was a kid I felt like everything was coming to me just as I wanted. I felt like money didn’t even exist. You just wish stuff and they pop up one way or another.
  2. Failure is real. – When I was a kid I would be dreaming about becoming a doctor or maybe one of those people I see on Tv! It’s not easy. When you are grown up you realize this takes a lot of work & work. Unless my mom is a Kardashian. Then that would be easy.
  3. People are cruel. – I gotta admit, I was one of those kids that thought unicons are real. I got sort of “abused” by my loyalty and faith and learned the hard way that people are very cruel.
  4. Expect less. – Growing up I always expected the world for people because I would basically give my own world away. Most of the time those expectations I had were just another disappointment for me.
  5. Relationships are HARD to get. – I am not talking JUST about the romantic ones. When we were little we could get friends very easy because that “feeling” or self confidence wasn’t so much present in childhood. After you grow up it’s harder to keep your friends and of course making them.
  6. Being able to express yourself. – When I was a kid I used to hold my opinions just to me having that inner fear of what others think. Today, I still have that inner fear but sometimes I just throw everything out of the window and say my opinion and guess what? Some people may hold their opinion, which by the way is the same as mine and I get to help somebody overcome their own fear.
  7. You don’t stop liking childish stuff. – SO MANY KIDS NOWDAYS think it’s cool to smoke, do alcohol or drugs and it literally hurts because when I was a kid I used to think that way too but it was just me trying to be SOMEBODY ELSE. Drinking water/juice is as cool as drinking alcohol AKA still a drink that may kill you if drank in excess but that’s a whole another story. I will never stop loving “High School Musical” or “Hannah Montana” or binge watching Nickelodeon and guess what? It’s ok! Where is the contract I signed that says I have to stop liking stuff I liked as a kid after growing up?
  8. Family time is the best time. – When you are a kid you don’t think “outside the box” most of the time and by nature we take things for granted. After growing up you realize a lot of stuff including that family is temporary and every minute spent with them will have it’s memories.
  9. You can shop for clothes alone. – Yeah. That applies to me. Anybody else always had to be with their parents when buying clothes?

Thank you for reading my blog post. If there is one thing I appreciate most, that is!


If you made it here though, what is it that changed for you?



  1. Totul costa bani. – Acest lucru va fi scris primul pentru ca ma pot relata. Cand eram un copil simteam ca totul e gratis. Simteam ca banii nici nu exista. Doar imi doream chestii si ele veneau pe o cale sau alta.
  2. Esecul e real. – Cand am fost copil imi doream sa fiu un doctor sau poate unul dintre oamenii ce pot fi vazuti la Tv! Nu e usor. Dupa ce cresti realizezi ca acel lucru reprezinta foarte multa munca. Decat daca mama ta e o Kardashian. Atunci va fi usor.
  3. Oamenii sunt rai. – Trebuie sa recunosc, eram una dintre persoanele ce credeau ca unicornii sunt reali. Loialitatea si increderea mea au fost “abuzate” si am aflat ca oamenii sunt rai printr-o calea grea.
  4. Nu avea asteptari mari. – Crescând am asteptat lumea de la oameni pentru ca eu chiar eram in stare sa ofer tot ce am. De cele mai multe ori acele asteptari au fost decat alte dezamagiri.
  5. Relatiile sunt greu de obtinut. – Nu ma refer DOAR la relatiile romantice. Cand am fost copii sentimentul de “rusine” sau lipsa increderii de sine nu prea erau prezente deci era usor sa incepem sa vorbim cu copii intampaltori despre jucarii. Dupa ce cresti e mai greu sa gasesti interese asemanatoare cu anumiti oameni pentru ca nu toti vor sa fie deschisi tocmai din lipsa increderii de sine si/sau altceva.
  6. Exprimarea propriei opinii. Cand am fost un copil obisnuiam sa pastrez opiniile pentru mine chiar si cand erau cerute. Aveam acea frica interioara “Oare ce vor crede ceilalti?”. Azi, inca am acea frica dar am momente cand arunc totul pe fereastra si imi spun opinia in public, cine stie, poate cineva care nu isi va spune opinia din acceasi cauza ca si mine are intradevar acceasi opinia ca si mine iar ei afland asta, increderea de sine va fii “boosted”.
  7. Lucrurile copilaroase sunt pe viata. – Foarte multi copii din ziua de azi cred ca e la moda sa fumezi, sa bei alcool sau sa iei alte droguri si efectiv doare pentru ca, cand, am fost eu copil credeam si eu acelasi lucru dar numai din cauza faptului ca incercam sa fiu ce nu sunt. Sa bei apa/suc e la fel de suc cu bautul alcoolului AKA un lichid ce are un gust diferit si care baut in exces te poate omori dar asta e alta poveste. Nu ma voi preface in ziua de azi ca nu imi mai place “High School Musical” sau “Hannah Montana” pentru ca acele lucuri mi-au marcat copilaria. Si asta e ok. Unde e contractul ce l-am semnat ce ar trebui sa spuna ca ce imi place la 8 ani nu ar trebui sa imi placa la 20 de ani? (Am 19).
  8. Timpul cu familia e cel mai bun timp. – Cand am fost copil nu eram neaparat capabil sau constient de gandirea “in afara cutiei”, mama natura face ca copii sa nu gandeasca in acel fel deci nu puneam pret pe lucrurile mici. Crescând, realizam ca familia e temporara iar fiecare minut petrecut cu cei dragi e o amintire ce o vom purta cand ei nu vor mai fi.
  9. Iti cumperi singuri hainele. – Da. Asta mi se aplica. Cand am fost copil mereu cumparam haine cu parintii si poate cumparam doar ce le placeau lor. Hehehe. Lol!


Sper ca v-a placut aceasta postare si va multumesc ca ati citit-o, daca ar fi un lucru ce il apreciez foarte mult, acesta e! ❤


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