14 February EASY Healthy Breakfast idea

Healthy Valentine’s Day Breakfast idea. Even if you are single and ready to mingle.


Maybe you are already done making the present for your loved or if you are single you gotta love yourself SO I prepared a breakfast idea to show yourself some love!

Healthy, Lovely and EASY TO MAKE breakfast! Healthy because it has the necessary protein, healthy fats & carbs for the morning.

Things you will need:

  1. Heart Shaped Dough (You can find it in ANY grocery store now with Feb. 14 around the corner).
  2. A pan.
  3. Spray oil or any other kind.
  4. Eggs.
  5. Cream cheese.
  6. Feta Cheese.

Photo Feb 07, 9 50 00 AM

Photo Feb 07, 9 50 41 AM
Cream Cheese

I LIKE CHEESE. You are no supposed to add cream cheese but if you like cheese it would be VERY yummy.

Step 1. – Take the Heart Shaped dough out. (Friends call me Sherlock)

Photo Feb 07, 9 52 45 AM

Step 2. – Fry your eggs but make sure you keep them white ‘n’ purty. I used oil spray to make sure.

Photo Feb 07, 9 49 32 AM

Step 3. – Put some cream cheese on the bottom of your heart shaped dough and microwave it for 10 seconds.

Photo Feb 07, 9 55 12 AMPhoto Feb 07, 9 56 20 AM (1)

Step 4. – Cut a slice of feta cheese over the cream cheese layer.

Photo Feb 07, 9 57 16 AMPhoto Feb 07, 9 59 23 AM

Step 6. Try to cut the edges of the egg white but make sure the yolk is the center.

Photo Feb 07, 9 59 56 AM

Step 7. – Easily move the fried eggs into the heart shaped dough.

Photo Feb 07, 10 01 42 AM

Step 8. – Sprinkle them with some mozzarella or feta cheese (This is optional).

As you noticed, I like cheese. I hope you do too.

Photo Feb 07, 10 04 31 AM


Tshirt: The Mountain


And yes, I kinda messed the other egg up so that’s why I’m showing you this one hehehe.

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