8 easy ways to get inspiration / 8 cai usoare in a-ti gasi inspiratia



  1. Listen to your favorite music. Exactly. Just turn it on loud and just feel it. Let it just flow and before you know you will get the inspiration you need to write, edit or random ideas!
  2. Take a shower. – You may probaly not believe me but when I take a shower I get very inspired. My most popular blog post was developed while thinking about it in the shower.
  3. Look up for inspiration. – If you have to edit pictures and have no inspiration, go to Tumblr or Pinterest to look up for photos. If you have to write, just look up other blog posts. It’s not copying. If you admire somebody, a singer, a blogger, look up their creations again and I’m pretty sure you will get motivated and inspired.
  4. Join a forum. – I mean, talking to like minded people definitely boosts your inspiration/motivation.
  5. Dress up nicely and decor your work space. – Doing that will make you feel somehow great so inspiration is on the way.
  6. Go to the gym. – Going to the gym will boost your endorphines (“happy feelings”) which are basically linked to everything so if you are happy you are inspired and motivated!
  7. Go for a hike that has a nice view at the end. – Go for a hike. See the view. Take pictures. Selfies. It will boost your self esteem and with it inspiration.
  8. Just let go. – Maybe you are just tired. Disconnect yourself from the Internet and spend time with your loved ones. Without even noticing you will be even more inspired than expected!
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  1. Asculta muzica favorita. Exact. Doar asculta muzica la maxim si lasa-te purtat de val. Inainte sa iti dai seama vei primi inspiratia si motivatia in a face ce trebuia sa faci!
  2. Fa un dus. – Credeti sau nu cele mai populare postari ale mele sunt gandite in dus! Chiar ajuta.
  3. Cauta inspiratia chiar tu. – Daca trebuie, de exemplu, sa editezi poze, cauta pe Pinterest sau Tumblr inspiratie. Daca trebuie sa te trezesti dimineata la 6, cauta citate motivatoare pe aceleasi site-uri! Nu e copiat. Daca admiri o persoana anume gandeste-te la ea sau uita-te peste creatiile ei si sunt sigur ca vei primi inspiratia necesara!
  4. Intra pe un forum. – Ce alta cale mai usoara de a prinde inspiratia daca nu vorbesti cu oameni ce au aceleasi idei ca si tine?
  5. Imbraca-te frumos si decoreaza-ti spatiul de lucru. – Facand chestia asta intr-un fel sau altul sunt sigur ca vei prinde si inspiratie!
  6. Fa sport. – Oricine stie ca efortul fizic creaza si endorfinele in corp altfel stiute ca “sentimentele fericirii”. Vei fi fericit si cand esti fericit esti creativ si motivat!
  7. Fa o plimbare in aer liber. – Fa o plimbare. Fa selfie-uri. Iti va spori increderea de sine si vei primii si inspiratie.
  8. Relaxeaza-te. – Poate esti obosit/a si tot ce ai nevoie este un pui de somn. Fa asta. Dupa, petrece timpul cu cei din jurul tau. Fara sa observi vei primii inspiratia necesara.
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13 thoughts on “8 easy ways to get inspiration / 8 cai usoare in a-ti gasi inspiratia

  1. Vlad,

    When you said easy, I have to hand it to you. Those are indeed easy ways to get inspiration.

    I think inspiration in following your tips are a result of changing mindset, from negative to positive. As it turns out, it is having a positive mindset that allows us to be inspired.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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