14 February BIRTHDAY RECAP! / Recap zi de nastere

EN Hey guys! So yes! My Birthday was on 14 February. Some people who know me since a long time sometimes are like “Since when is your Birthday on 14 February? And I’m there like, “Since ’97 babe”.

My Birthday being on 14 February has definitely created a topic in my life people always like to talk. Like, when I was to get my insurance number. I have no idea what people talk about when they go for the interview but that woman, who interviewed me, was only talking about how my Birthday is on 14 February like WOMAN MOVE ON it’s just a day.

Anyway, my recap of the day. I don’t throw parties. I don’t wanna, for example, spend money for 10 people whom 8 of them would forget who am I the next day. I would rather pay for the good friends I have around me because I always appreciate them and the moments spent with them.


So we started off by heading to the mall and get STARBUCKS! I love Starbucks and I force (or maybe not) other people to come there with me.

After that we walked through the mall shops and I got bored because I have to save money for a new camera. Lol! After that we went to the movies and saw “Deadpool” which by the way I still don’t know how to feel about it. Emotionally amused and mentally terrified? Like what?

After the movie was done we basically talked it off by having lunch. Each at their favorite places because my friends like KFC and I like Mc Donald’s.

For the rest of the day I spend my day with the fam and I just sat and answered people’s wonderful Birthday messages to me. I will stop writing and show you the pics because those are most entertaining! 🙂

Aw and the cake, I didn’t want to be basic so I got Donuts from Donuterie. A place in Transylvana! No, they are not the same as Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme so I highly recommend it if you ever visit Transylvania! Or if you are here already.


I hope you all had a great weekend! <3

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RO Hey prieteni! Deci da! Ziua mea de nastere a fost in data de 14 Februarie. Unii oameni ce ma cunosc de mult au reactii tare ciudate in fiecare an ceva de genul, “De cand e ziua ta AZI?” iar eu acolo “Din ’97 iubire”.

Ziua mea fiind pe aceasta data a creat un subiect de discutie cu oameni noi ce ii intalnesc! De exemplu and am avut un interviu pentru un numar de asigurare. Nu aveam idee despre ce discuta oamenii la “interviul” de acolo dar cand am ajuns cam 60% din discutie a fost pe baza zilei mele de nastere. ADICA FEMEIE TRECI PESTE ZIUA MEA E PE 14 AM INTELES.

Oricum, cam asa mi-am petrecut ziua. Nu “arunc” petreci. Mai bine mi-as cheltui acei bani pentru lucruri de care imi pasa. Nu cred ca as cheltui o gramada bani pentru o 10 oameni sa se simta bine de ziua mea iar in urmatoarea zi sa uite cine sunt. Dar as cheltui bani pentru 2-3 prieteni din jurul meu la care tin!

Am inceput prin a merge la mall deci STARBUCKS! Locul meu favorit. De tristete. De fericire. De melancolie. Starbucks. Si nu imi spuneti ca Starbucks e de fite, e, e de fite ca personalul e mereu cumsecade si nu iti miros hainele a fum de tigara dupa ce iti savurezi latte-ul.

Am continuat prin a merge la filmul mult asteptat, Deadpool! Apropo, nu stiu cum ar trebui sa ma simt in legatura cu el. Pare fericit dar e tare trist. Like what?

Dupa film am mers sa luam cina, sau pranzul, era ora 4.30 nene. KFC, Mc Donald’s, fiecare cu preferintele lui.

In restul zilei mi-am petrecut timpul cu familia si bine inteles, sa raspund la sutele de urari de pe Facebook, Twitter si Instagram! <3 Si prin aceasta cale, tin sa va multumesc pentru secunda din zi dedicata mie! (Asta NU ar fi trebuit sa sune sarcastic).

A si tortul? Nu am vrut sa fiu basic si am luat donuts de la Donuterie. Daca vii vreodata in vizita in zona Transilvaniei iti recomand acest loc! Nu e acelasi lucru cu Dunkin’ Donuts sau Krispy Kreme!


O sa ma opresc din scris si o sa trec la poze ca sunt tare faine.


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25 thoughts on “14 February BIRTHDAY RECAP! / Recap zi de nastere

  1. My boyfriend wanted to go see Deadpool but I convinced him romance movies at home was more my type of date 😉 Happy Birthday! You’re like me, I’d rather go out and experience things with my friends rather than having an expensive birthday party.

    1. Promise me you will also go with your boyfriend for that movie! You will get him so excited. Atleast that would be me if my girlfriend would hahaha.

  2. Loved the post & btw, happy birthday! I’m a bit late tho, but it’s really nice to read that you had a great day 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N | littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

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