Ways to to start a FUN Healthy Lifestyle

EN Hey guys! Spring is almost here. New season new me. Ok sorry I’m done.

You don’t have to wait until Sunday nor Monday to start a healthy lifestyle. Do today what you can do tomorrow. Geeze, I must incoporate this quote in my life more often.

However, I came up with some ideas on how you can motivate yourself create better habits.

workout stuff


  1. Buy workout clothes. – No, I’m not saying go to Nike or Adidas and get 500$ worth of workout clothes. Go WHEREVER you want and get what makes you feel better. Sports bra? Go for it. Pants? Go for it? Those fancy colored Nike shoes? Go for it.
  2. Workout Gear. – That potentially could be on no.1. too but whatever. Get that gear you see your idol posts on Instagram or talks on Twitter about. Polar heart rate monitor. Nike Fuelband. In 2016 there are A LOT more cheaper options.
  3. Get a working out buddy. – Get a friend. Go both for a walk together. Talk  about stuff. Marry him/her. (Forget the last one I drank some wine).
  4. Workout playlist. – In my last blog post (Click to see it) I actually showed you different songs for different workouts. You should check that out and get your jam. Listen to whatever makes your energy revolve around your body and your body revolving about the energy. (Have I told you before I drank some wine before writing this?).
  5. Make it social. – You don’t have friends? That’s ok because having anxiety I never really had friends until end of 2015-early 2016 and guess what? I still made it. Join a group at your local gym. You are all most likely all like minded and I’m pretty sure you will all get along with it.
  6. Healthy is feeling good. – Healthy is not eating celery and drinking water. Healthy is enjoying a 80/20 life. You eat celery. You eat a piece of chocolate. Drink some wine. BALANCE. Don’t deprive yourself from what life offers. That is not a healthy lifestyle and keep in mind VEGANISM is not for everybody. Don’t try to be a vegan if your body rejects that. As I said, healthy is about feeling good.

workout stuff 2