Review – Canon 1100d

EN Hey guys! Because it’s Monday, I highly suggest you to read my Friday’s article on “How to start a FUN Healthy Lifestyle”.

Anyway, Hope you will have a great Monday! I’m so excited because I just got my own DSLR and I want to make a review, from my point of view, on it.


Canon 1100d

A DSLR highly recommended for beginners. Am I a beginner? Oh yes talking about those kind of cameras.

12.2 Mega pixel camera that as low as it sounds does the job. It also offers the ability to shoot videos in HD, 720p.

It has EF lenses which is great as you can get better lenses and get good results just like more professional cameras.

It also has a LiveView feature mode which means you can use a separate screen to see what’s happening on the camera.

More detailed info about it on Canon’s site.

Enough with the rambling. I’m just gonna show you some sample photos and a video I shot with this camera.