Monday Survival Guide – Tips & Tricks

Happy Monday. Yah. It’s a fantastic day. Or I shall resist to tell you to be thankful that you woke up? Yeah? Ok. I feel like you just said a bad word in your mind to me.

I know. It’s Monday. Mondays are not fun. Adulting is not fun but hey if you are reading this most likely you are one of those strong people who always looks for self development and improvement.

However. I’ve been looking and EVEN CRAFTING some stuff I am pretty sure it will help you through this week. Because it’s Monday. And Mondays are not fun. I should stop writing.

Here is the list! It has logical stuff that can make your day better + some life hacks that can make your LIFE easier. 🙂

  1. There are over 7,000,000,000 and you are gonna let 1 ruin your day?
  2. Wear something special on your Monday morning. That outfit that’s been waiting for a special occasion.
  3. Set the alarm 1 hour before you actually have to wake up. You will have time to drink your coffee and think about how much you dislike Mondays, I mean love life, at a peaceful mode.
  4. Have a shower night before so you will feel clean and great the next morning because all you don’t need on a Monday morning is to feel miserable.
  5. Have a fantastic breakfast. By fantastic I mean your favorite kind of breakfast. Nutella. Eggs. Sushi.
  6. Think about Monday’s evening. Monday’s evening are kind of the best to be honest because you are exhausted and man that 5 hour nap post work/school is just great!
  7. Think logical. I mean, sometimes I often forget that too but it’s just as easy as it sounds. Monday is Monday. Friday will come again. Relax. When the mind is stressed problems around you get bigger BUT that’s only in your mind. Relax.
  8. Have an extra coffee. Not necessary coffee. My body is very used with coffee so it perceives it as an anti-depressant because it’s the product that it metabolizes alot. Coffee brings me happiness. Coffee boosts my endorphines. Maybe your pretty mind likes tea or chocolate.
  9. Write down your problems. As I said, when you are stressed your problems seem to be bigger. Write them down and you will be able to look at them from another perspective so you will realize they are not as bad as you think they are. Makes sense?
  10. Speak to a friend that comforts you. For example, I usually like to talk to my mom. Nothing fancy. “Hey mom, I arrived” and then she wishes me “Good Luck” and that’s it. REALLY HELPS me!
  11. To make drastic changes in your life you will have to get rid of some people!


I hope I helped you guys with those little tips & tricks. Chin up. Your day, your mood, your decision. Hope you will have a great Monday! ❤