3 ways on how to be a great listener in 21st Century

Being a good listener is a struggle in 21st Century because of the amount of technology that dominates people. I see myself as a victim to be honest and probaly some of my friends notice how I should improve my own listening skills.

Over the last few months I discovered some ways that seem to work. Even people around me noticed that about me. 🙂

1. Make Eye Contact.

Always make sure you are making eye contact with the person that you are talking with. It’s a great way to get the message they send you more quickly and vice versa. I struggle with that a lot to be honest and if I make eye contact I sort of get a weird feeling and I turn away immediatly. But I keep trying to do that and I do succeed in keeping the eye contact longer!


2. Use Body Language.

 This does the trick most of the time! For example, if somebody tells you a happy story try to adjust your facial expression and look happy for them! Some people including me have that problem that we show a “Btchy” face most of the time even we don’t want that hahaha.

3. Leave the person finish it’s story.

Would you like to tell your story to somebody and be interrupted?giphy

Every single person on Earth has done this mistake and it’s ok. If you interrupt a person while they are talking to you may seem like a bad feedback and that can hurt a friendship/relationship or any connection you have with somebody if that mistake is kept being repeated.





8 thoughts on “3 ways on how to be a great listener in 21st Century

    1. Eye contact can be very awkward at times indeed. We do need to pay closer attention to people when they are trying to talk to us but sometimes even if we don’t mean it, we don’t and that can hurt the friendship/relationship with that person. 🙁 Thank you for your feedback! <3

  1. Great advice.

    Have you ever had a phone conversation and the person on the other end is silent the whole time. You can’t even tell if they’re there. Then you have to ask, “hello, are you listening?”

    I came across an article years ago which covered your points but also included that we should practice ACTIVE LISTENING.

    Pay attention, respond accordingly, ask questions, be audible without being disruptive.

    I’ve adopted those tools since reading that article and it has worked wonders.

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. ☺

    1. Happened to me too hahaha. At some point I thought my connection has failed. Whenever somebody has a long message over the phone I always try to dtay active like saying “Aha” or agreeing to what that person says and giving my feedback starting with “Well…” transmitting that I did hear and processed the message.

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