5 habits I learned from successful people

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

We live in a world where most of the people think that success is a destination when in reality success is a marathon. You can fail while still being successful so it’s about getting back up!

I appreciate and I am inspired by what’s so-called successful people. I am using “So-called” because successful people are not owning success. It’s about consistency. They always keep doing what they do. They don’t stop. If they stop their success stop too! They fail, they get up, they succeed, they keep doing what they are doing to stay up!

As I said, I am inspired by successful people and try to learn as much as I can from them. Here are 5 habits I have noticed most successful people doing, and what I am trying to do as well!

1.Planning their day ahead

Call me crazy but this works.

You either run the day or the day runs you.

You know what they say, you must have a plan before anything. However, if you plan your day and something gets in, you must NOT feel guilty because of that.Enjoy everything that you are doing!

You must be peaceful that you atleast followed your plan 60/100 in that day. Sounds better now, eh?

While planning your day you realize what your priorities are and you realize you have a lot of time in your hands!

If you do follow your plan make sure you DON’T let any distraction get you. If you planned to write/study for 2 hours, close your phone and focus on what you gotta do. This way you will become way more productive.

2.Work out

That may seem very odd because you see this everywhere but trust me, it works. Working out will boost your endorphines aka happy hormones. When you are happy you are motivated and excited to do what you gotta do.

You are not supposed to get a gym membership. You are not supposed to work out 5 hours a day. You are not supposed to drive 100 miles for country side! GET OUT. I always get my exercise in by walking around in my neighbourhood. Did you know that roughly 60 minutes of walking (even if it’s 15 minutes in the morning, 15 at lunch time, 15 walking home and 15 around the house) equals 30 minutes of runnig? Yeah. It does.

Working out keeps you sane and in control of something. Being in control means a lot when trying to achieve something.

3.Paying attention to details

It’s the little things.
Always pay attention to details.

Not saying you have to be “that person” who is always perfectionist and never thankful of their work, I’m saying spend a little bit extra time and make sure the details are on point.

As a blogger, if you work on a photo, don’t just edit the “whole” picture. Zoom to the tiniest areas and make sure everything on point.


The details are making the difference. They really do.

4.They take criticism well

Successful people are taking the chance of having a feedback and if they get criticism they may notice some mistakes they have not noticed. It’s ok to have mistakes and when people point them to you, take the chance and improve yourself. Nothing wrong with that.

Learn from your mistakes.

5.Fake positivity until you create it

It is extremely hard to be positive when life is on the other side of road. Eventually, your life will cross the road and you can be truly positive again. Successful people are inspiring other people to be the best version of themselves so they, successful people, gotta fake positivity to make others feel like everything is ok.

If there is an attractive thing that is confidence.

Be confident, be happy, be thankful and others will be inspired by you!


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35 thoughts on “5 habits I learned from successful people

  1. I like your enthusiasm and I love these points. The photos are wonderful. You have quite a talent for expressing your thoughts and infusing your writing with energy. And I agree with Irina – criticism is hard to take, but it is one of the ways you learn and grow.

  2. “Fake it TIll you make it!” Literally my favorite mantra from back when I was a retail manager (telling my associates that as long as they are confident, they can sell stuff even if they are still learning products) to being a medical student practicing histories and physicals. Love that you including your version of this quote in here!

  3. Interesting tips…I need to pay attention to #5—I try to stop negative thinking & pray a lot that God would help me to overcome negativity because–I’m so negative :S Despite having a wonderful family and blessed life. Ha, ha! I also need to pay attention to #2 –because I never work out like I should =D
    Btw–thanks for following my blog–I’m kind of just geeky and post whatever I feel like, so I definitely can’t guarantee you’ll like it all 🙂

    1. Hahaha I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I really believe you have potential and strength to overcome your negativity! Always believe in yourself. You always have people to lean on as you mentioned your family and God. Be their inspiration and don’t forget God and family is always by your side. ALWAYS! Love to you! <3

  4. Enjoyed your post. I am working on paying attention to detail right now. You are right it does make a difference to your success in life and to your health. If you live by this list and of course live mindfully being in touch with nature you may just be a healthier individual and feel great!! Love and Light

  5. I’ve read a lot of post on self-improvement/productivity on Medium and other blogs, but this probably is the best one! I love how you manage to keep it simple and straightforward 🙂
    Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Thanks for liking my post on brilliancewithin.com as it’s drawn me to this post which is so eloquently written and reminds me of how simple it is to live a great life. I appreciate it – thanks!

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