5 lessons blogging has taught me

Having a blog is like having a magazine. You are the photographer, the editor, the writer and of course, the director. You get to have the chance to talk about your passions and show your opinions.

If you are a blogger, can you relate? I literally see my blog as my own mirror. We all try our best to say a story, to make the pictures fit that story, to make the theme fit our niche (what your blog is about). When you start your blog you think everything may be easier than it is but then you realize it’s not! Kind of the same thing happened to me and here are 3 lessons blogging has taught me:

1.It’s how you value your story

I always felt like having to buy expensive clothes and so on to make my photos and blog posts look good. It’s not working this way.

You don’t have to travel the world to have interesting stories.

Blogging has taught me to look at the details life offers and make stories out of it. It’s so easy to find this kind of inspiration. Just got for a walk in your city, in park, wherever. Just look at the details and you will find out.



2.There is always work to do

There is always a lot of work to do when blogging. Promoting yourself on Pinterest, stumbling on blogs, posting links on Facebook groups, editing pictures, creating future blog posts! A LOT OF WORK! While blogging I learned to prioritize my whole life and even if I won’t ever finish what I have do do (You pretty much never do while blogging) I still get to be productive, feel good about it and have a personal life too.

3.Chase opportunities

There is a chance in a million an opportunity  will knock on your door making your dreams come true! You have to get up and chase your dreams. Do you want to get sponsored posts? Go ahead and shoot an email to your favorite brand. Worst can happen is that they refuse.

Find your dream. Find your voice. Plan the way to your dream and just do it.

4.You can’t change people’s minds

As much as you want to do it, you can’t. What you can do though is express your opinion and show it to others. It’s actually the best thing because you may not make 100 people join you but 20 of them might have the same opinion and join you. Keep showing your opinion to others, you never know.

5.Different is good

I started my blog wanting it to be perfect. Wanting it to look like another blog I like. I soon learned that THIS is my style. Some people will like it, some will not. Just as those bloggers I feel inspired by, some people like their style, some people not. Difference is good. Diversity.