iPhone SE and iPad pro – What to expect from Apple in 2016

First of all, Apple turns 40 on April 1 so Happy Birthday! In advance.

So many rumors about the new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch came out this year and last night Apple had its keynote which confirmed some of those rumors… but some of those not. I personally have been hoping Apple giving out more details about iPhone 7, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately.

Apple has announced the iPhone SE which is a smaller iPhone though we have known about it since months.  – I personally feel so weird about this because most of the users have embraced the bigger screen and the fact that they are launching a new iPhone which is smaller could be a bad thing.

I use my Samsung S4 and my iPhone 5. S4 is same size as the iPhone 6 and whenever I use the iPhone 5 I literally can’t see a thing.

and a new 9.7 inch iPad Pro. – I believe this is the perfect size for the iPad. Everything bigger than than could be a laptop screen. Lol.

Both the new iPhone SE and iPad pro have the M9 processor.

They also announced a new feature that comes along iOS 9.3 update which you could have right now. Studies have shown that you are more likely to have insomnia if you use the phone before bed BECAUSE the blue light affects that. NIGHTSHIFT is an option that makes the screen yellow-ish as the night time which does not affect your sleep.

Good news for those wanting an Apple Watch and not affording one, the prices dropped to 299$ and they have announced new bands which can go along with more of your outfits.

There are a ton more you can check out on Apple’s site.

awatch bands

Apple also announced CareKit which is a framework for developers to be able to build new apps for the health sake. Tim also talked about how these applications are helping people and changing health care, in a good way.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below and if you plan on upgrading or moving from Android to iOS! 🙂