How to find your voice as a blogger/writer/vlogger

Everybody has a unique voice. Even if some may seem similar they are not completely similar. Each voice is unique in its own way.

I started blogging by not really knowing what I have to do. I still learn everyday stuff about blogging and trying to improve myself. Your voice is not your style, it’s a part of it though. Your voice is HOW you look at the world self. Everybody sees the world in a unique way, everybody has a voice, not everybody looks up for it.

Remember, improving your voice requires practice. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Just do best you can right in this moment. Live in the present.

Here are 5 tips to find your voice:

1. Write when you are inspired


Do you know that moment when you are very enthusiastic about an idea and you could write a book in 5 minutes about it? That is when you are inspired and your voice does its thing. Write when you are inspired and your ideas just flow in front of you! If you get inspired on the bus or when out nothing stops you to take notes and in 2016 it’s easy to take Audio notes which are just great.

2. Let it go

No, not Frozen. When you write, let your emotions and heart do the job and leave your brain relax. Let your happiness, anger, love do the job for you. Think about all of those things and start writing. You will be surprised.

3.Forget everything about the “real” world

What is great about bloggers/writers is that you get to see their own perspective on life and world. Let go of what society thinks about a thing, leave yourself choose its own perspective on that specific thing. You don’t have to be insane to get there but you can easily achieve that if you let your brain relax and leave your emotions do the job for you.

It’s the subconscious where great stories come from.

Imagine yourself the way you would be talking if nobody would judge you.



4. Compare your work to yourself

Yay! So you finished writing that article. Now, read it and then read it again, again and ask yourself, “Does it sound like me?”. Can you imagine yourself talking this way in real life?

5. Be concise and interact with your friends (readers) – Write like you would talk

Your readers are your friends.

Whenever writing a new blog article, whether it’s a personal one or based on a topic (fashion, tech, lifestyle), write it the way you would talk with your very best friend.

Do you know that moment after you have an argument with somebody and you keep thinking about WHAT YOU COULD HAVE HAD SAID but you weren’t inspired enough? That could be your real voice.


Be concise in your ideas but meaningful.


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  1. even still it is so had!! and so hard not to compare yourself to people already successful!! Check out my videos if you get the chance. Would be good to know what people i don’t know think of them!! xx

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