How I started to like fashion

We deal with fashion every day, we either care or not. Even if you don’t care WHAT you wear or HOW you wear clothes, it can still show off your personality.


Fashion trends change a lot. We get inspired from music videos, movies and of course, social media! Social media has a HUGE impact on fashion trends. Believe it or not, fashion bloggers have one of a kind impact on the fashion trends, they don’t always just show what’s on trend but sometimes they release the trend.

Movies aswell which brings me to, did you know Ray Ban started becoming popular after the movie “Men In Black”?



In the end, fashion is a way to say WHO you are without having to speak.

I was one of those people who never cared about fashion. Long after I realized why, I almost never went to shopping. I was in vacation in England and my curiosity told me to go in Primark and Topshop. That was all I needed.

After looking over clothes I was constantly overwhelmed by a happiness feeling I have never felt before. Like I discovered a never before known part of myself.

I wanted to try every single thing I saw. I wanted to buy stuff I never thought I would buy.

I was in a Christians school so I was not allowed with “trendy” clothes so I never even tried to look for them.

I will never forget my first purchases that made me love fashion so much it would be a part of myself. A pair of blue shorts. Kind of basic but it did the job.


Being cautious with what you are wearing doesn’t make you some sort of spoiled brat.

Fashion is a way to express yourself.


Leave a comment below and let me know how you started to like Fashion! 🙂





11 thoughts on “How I started to like fashion

  1. As a child I remember having hand me down clothes. From a neighbours two daughters passed to my older sister to then me. So really I was the fourth person to wear the outfit and the outfits were most definitely ‘out of fashion’ by the time I wore them. Which you are made aware of by spiteful kids. As I have grown and got children of my own and work as a Makeup Artist I am surrounded in fashion. I still very much wear what I want and not what’s dictated to me but I always remember being that small girl in ridiculously second (forth) hand clothes. It is something I am working on this year. Revamping my wardrobe and bringing in some key pieces.

  2. Greetings Vaida,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and, with your presence, inviting me to your blog home! It’s an awesome place. I enjoyed reading this post on how you came to fashion. You exude creativity and positivism! Your writing is engaging, inviting.

    As for me, I have ever loved fashion, even when I could only watch some of the “In Girls” sport their trendy skirts and pants and sexy tops, because my father did not permit us to decide our own fashion. But when I began to work summer jobs, I had a bit more room for buying the styles that passed his scrutiny. And now, as an adult, I adore what I choose to wear and how I wear it. 😀

    One Facebook friend recently said of me, “You can wear a burlap sack and yet be fabulous, Claudia!” And I recognize the truth in it, For me, the statement meant that we bring all of ourselves to our fashion, our sass, our verve, our fearlessness, our shyness, our captivating angles! All of it come together to create the total package!

    Keep up the good work! I will visit again!

    Adios, fellow blogger!


  3. It was not until recently that I had a revelation that being interested in fashion can actually be refreshing given all the troubles life has to offer. As long as you dont become too obsessed, but its an art form- creating the perfect out fit and fixing up all the matching accessories. I find I can be quite resourceful 🙂

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