Sweatpants, the new jeans?

Sweatpants were dissed by designers like Karl Lagerfeld, he once said “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants”. However, it is 2016 now and things have changed. They have actually started changing around mid 2015. What was sometimes wore as gym clothes could be now an important piece of an everyday outfit.

The trend is called athleisure which mostly describes the gym clothes or activewear wore outside the gym like office, school or other social activities.

I’m pretty sure you all noticed how in the late 2015 – early 2016 so many activewear fashion brands got viral if you will. Adidas or Lululemon, for example.

Ever since athleisure came on the screen every game got changed. Brands like H&M, Zara have come up with gym clothes that were NOT gym clothes. You could wear them everywhere, office, movies, shopping. This has shown me that athlesuire is BIGGER than a trend.

There is a real and clear wish that people wish to wear more comfortable clothes yet presentable.

I believe athleisuire was born as so many people are encouraged to start a healthy lifestyle.

Many people listened that which is great but I believe as well that this was the moment a lot of people discovered a new comfortable way to wear clothes.

Because of the mass of people embracing the Healthy lifestyle, brands have started focusing on creating clothes for them. I mean, even Chanel has sneakers now.


PROS – As Lagerfeld said, sweatpants may be a sign of you giving up in life. BUT, when he said that the “jock-y sweatpants” what’s so-called were the sweatpants he was talking about. The new design of sweatpants is very different, stylish and able to go along with a great presentable outfit. 

CONS – Many people don’t know how to wear sweatpants and which pair to buy and that can ruin your entire outfit unless jeans which can be the same case but it will not ruin your outfit as bad as sweatpants will.

In my opinion, you can make a good impression with sweatpants and look a your finest if you, indeed, know how to choose your sweatpants. Men have a large variety and ways to wear sweatpants but now it’s girls turn too! I really believe sweatpants can make it if not they already did. Stylish and comfortable, that’s the goal.

In the end, you always get to choose what you feel comfortable in. Fashion is about expressing yourself.

Would you agree or disagree with sweatpants? Leave a comment below. I am really curious about your thoughts!







4 thoughts on “Sweatpants, the new jeans?

  1. I see your point about them being fashionable now but I am old school! When I worked in the office people actually wore sweats to work (there was no dress code). The only time I wore them if I was sick but went to work anyways and for awhile when I felt fat and out of shape. I quickly came to my senses, though, and got a new attitude that I could still put some effort into myself and show up presentable at work no matter how I felt so I ditched the sweat pants and turned up my nose at those that continued to wear them just because. I still believe that wearing sweat pants out and about in the world is NOT ok unless you are doing some sort of exercise, hiking, etc. You are correct, though, that the sweat pants are not the same as long ago, much more interesting and fashionable but I’m getting old, I guess, my mind can’t accept it! LOL! Good post!

    1. Awww you are so right! I still believe you can’t wear sweatpants to a job interview, for example, as fashionable as they are. Thank you for your feedback! <3

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