How To Get Over Post Vacation Depression Fast

EN It was a great time. That 1 week spent away from worries, bills (well, sort of), annoying people. But reality hits and you gotta face all those again. But… why can’t I be in a continuous vacation? Because vacations would’t have a sense then.

Post vacation blues (depression), that’s what this phenomenon is called. Longer vacation is, more intense post vacation blues could be. You may feel very tired and have very strong feelings of nostalgia.

RO A fost un timp petrecut cum nu se putea mai bine. Acea saptamana petrecuta departe de griji, facturi (intr-un fel), oameni enervanti. Dar realitatea loveste si trebuie sa o infrunti. Dar… de ce nu pot sta in vacanta pentru tot restul vietii? Pentru ca vacantele nu ar mai avea sens.

Acest fenomen, post vacation blues sau depresia de dupa vacanta. Vacanta mai lunga, depresie de dupa mai intensa. Te simti obosit si sentimente puternice de nostalgie se desfasoara.


EN There are 5 ways on how to get over them very fast.

1.Unpack and share experiences

You have bought a lot of souvenirs, took so many photos and lived fantastic moments you won’t forget. First of all, unpack your clothes because if you don’t it will make you feel worse. Then, share your memories with your loved ones, transfer your pictures to your computer and share them on your social media accounts as well.

2.Re-live it

If you almost get depressed over this vacation there was definitely something you always wanted to have but didn’t. Re-live your vacation. If you loved to swim everyday while in vacation, get a swim club membership (they are not expensive at all) and go swimming whenever you feel like. It will make you feel like there is nothing different between your holiday and home which means you won’t have a reason to be sad anymore.

3.Book your next vacation

If you miss your holiday, book it! Seriously, even if it won’t be in the same year. It’s a win-win. You get a reason to be excited about and it’s even more cheaper!

4.Be a tourist in your own city

What if you were so caught up with school/work you have never explored your own city? I was too and then after my vacation was done I started exploring my own city and then I realized I could experience very similar stuff as I did in my vacation. Don’t underestimate your hometown.

5.Get social (even more)

While in vacation you get to meet new people and get to know different cultures. Try something new. I really believe it will help you overcome your post holiday blues as you get to feel something similar to your vacation.

And don’t forget, ALWAYS look very closer to your current life, it will remind you the positive parts of it which will make you feel better.


RO Mai jos sunt 5 cai ce va pot ajuta in a trece peste aceasta mini-depresie.

1.Despacheteaza si impartaseste experientele

Ai cumparat multe suveniruri si ai trait experiente ce probabil nu le vei uita prea curand. Primul lucru, despacheteaza. Daca nu o faci te va face sa te simti mult mai oribil. Iar apoi, impartaseste experientele cu cei dragi, descarcati pozele pe computer, incarca-le pe Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Daca ajungi la acest articol sigur iti este foarte dor de ceva ce doar in vacanta ai avut parte. Retraieste vacanta. Daca acolo ai inotat in fiecare zi, perfect! Fa-ti un abonament la piscina si inoata de fiecare data cand simti ca vrei. Te va face sa te simti “mai in vacanta” deci nu vei mai avea motiv de a fi suparat.

3.Programeaza urmatoarea vacanta

Daca iti este dor de o vacanta, programeaza-o! Chiar daca e pentru anul viitor, iti va da un motiv sa fii fericit. Pe langa asta va fi mult mai ieftin deci e win-win!

4.Fii turist in propriul oras

Uneori devii atat de prins de scoala/munca, ca uiti de posibilitatile ce le ai in propriul oras. Eu de exemplu dupa excuria mea am inceput sa explorez propriul oras si am gasit multe lucruri extrem de similare. Nu subestima ce ai.

5.Fi social (si mai social decat inainte)

In vacanta ai oportunitatea de a intalnii multa lume noua si de a cunoaste noi culturi. Incearca ceva nou. Incearca locuri noi. Fa-ti prieteni noi (nu inseamna ca trebuie sa ii dai la o parte pe cei deja avuti). Acest lucru iti va oferi sentimente similare cu cele avute in vacanta si te vei simti mult mai bine.