How To Cope With Anxiety Without Medication

EN We live in a crazy world that is constantly transitioning to something different every single day. We don’t have enough time for everything we wanna do.

Not everybody is able to transition smoothly. Some people get very sad and anxious because of that thing. Let me tell you a little bit about anxiety, based on my experience.

Anxiety is all the same. The attacks of it are different. Most of the people have those 2 different attacks a couple of times in a month. It’s normal.

The first one and most common is the one even most healthy people have. Am I good enough? Will she/he appreciate me? Will I pass this exam? What if my crush rejects me?

Second one is still one I get at least 1 time a week but this is more serious than the last one. This one looks like that. Worrying about everything around you. If you hear a police car you wonder if you have done something wrong and wonder if they come after you. If you feel itchy you may feel like having a serious disease and you just want to crawl under your bed.

Of course, when we feel like this we try to calm ourselves and try not to think about it and that is when those feelings intensify and they won’t stop.

Remember, fighting your emotions intesifies them.

Thankfully there are a lot of FREE ways to calm yourself for real and get rid of your anxiety!

1.Your thoughts are not reality.

You have to realize that your thoughts are most of the time irrational while having an anxiety attack. When you are anxious people tend to be psychotic.

Don’t waste your energy over some thoughts. Let the thoughts flow and you will feel way better because they don’t last much. Meditate.


2.Visualize your worst case scenarios.

Get off the internet. Visualize your thoughts, your scenarios. Try to think them rationally. Do they still seem real now?

3.Take control and encourage yourself.

That may seem a bit odd but it works. Tell yourself that everything will be alright. Be positive with your own self because when you are anxious all your negative vibes have a free way to you so being positive to yourself will only do good.

4.Write down a journal.

As I said, when being anxious your mind makes a problem look 1000x worse. Writing it down will offer you a way to look at it from a objetive way and so you will realize that it’s not that bad as you thought it is.

5. Plan something fun.

Sometimes I stay anxious because I know nothing better is happening around me. Planning something fun that you like to do will only activate your Endorphins and you will have a real reason to be happy so less anxious.

6. Get enough sleep and eat right.

You may hear this over and over again. Your body. Each part of your body and especially your emotions reflect your hormones and state of body. Your body is a piece of art that works is always fighting to keep you healthy and happy. Happy equals healthy. Eating right will lead to moving more which will boost your endorphins! Endorphins are the hormones that make you happy!



Cum sa scapi de anxietate fara medicamente

RO Traim intr-o lume nebuna ce e intr-o continua schimbare in fiecare zi. Nu avem timp pentru tot ce vrem sa facem.

Nu toata lumea are capacitatea necesara sa faca tranzitia de la o schimbare la alta in fiecare zi. Unii oameni devin suparati si anxiosi din cauza acestui lucru. Sa va spun putin despre anxietate.

Anxietatea, fie de mai multe tipuri sau nu, e la fel. Atacurile anxietatii sunt diferite insa. Unii oameni au 2 tipuri de atacuri diferite de cateva ori pe luna, e normal.

Primul tip si cel mai comun ce pana si cei mai puternici il au. Oare sunt destul de bun? Oare voi fi apreciat/a? Voi trece exameul? Daca sunt respins de persoana ce o plac?

Al doilea tip de atac este putin mai complex si putini dintre noi il au, saptamanal sau chiar de mai multe ori pe saptamana. Si arata asa, ingrijorarea despre tot ce e in jurul tau. Daca auzi, de exemplu, sirenele pe strada te imaginezi in inchisoare la Cubanezi. Simti ca te mananca pielea si iti faci scenarii diferite in cap. Tot ce vrei e sa te ascunzi sub pat si sa nu mai iesi.

Bine inteles, cand te simti asa incerci sa te calmezi singur, incerci sa te gandesti la altceva iar in acel moment aceste sentimente se intensifica.

Aminteste-ti, cand te lupti impotriva emotiilor, acestea se intensifica.

De multumit ar fi ca exista multe cai gratuite ca sa te calmezi si sa scapi de anxietate.

1. Gandurile tale nu sunt realitate.

Trebuie sa realizezi si sa te convingi ca gandurile tale sunt irationale cand ai acest atac de anxietate. Binteinteles, irationale cum sunt, gandurile tale vor parea sa aiba sens deoarece sunt psihotice.

Lasa-ti emotiile sa se desfasoare, Nu iti pierde energia luptandu-te impotriva lor, nu vei reusi.

2.Vizualizeaza-ti gandurile

Acele ganduri psihotice, ireale, iesi de pe Internet si vizualizeaza-le. Incearca sa le gandesti rational. Ce spui, mai par reale?

3.Preia controlul si incurajeaza-te

Poate parea putin ciudat insa functioneaza. Spune-ti tie insati ca totul va fi bine. Fii pozitiv cu tine insati deoarece cand esti anxios toate energiile negative au cale libera iar pozitivitatea te va ajuta foarte mult.

4.Scrie pe hartie ce simti

Cum am zis, cand esti anxios mintea ta va face problemele sa para de 1000 de ori mai rele decat sunt in realitate. Daca le scrii vei obtine o noua perspectiva in a te uita la ele, la probleme. Te va ajuta sa le gandesti rational si vei realiza ca nu ai motiv sa fii anxios.

5.Planuieste ceva amuzant

Uneori esti anxios deoarece viata ta devine monotona si nimic interesant nu se intampla in jurul tau. Planuieste ceva amuzant ce vei stii ca iti place sa faci. Asta iti va activa endorfinele si vei avea un motiv sa fii fericit deci vei minimiaza anxietatea.

6.Dormi destul si mananca sanatos

Poate ca auzi acest lucru intruna insa il auzit pentru un motiv, functioneaza. Corpul tau se hraneste cu ce ii dai. Fiecare nutrient va activa hormonii necesari ca tu sa ai o buna stare.