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5 Ways Pets Can Change Your Life

I have had a pet for as long as I can remember. I live in countryside so it’s definitely easier for me to take care of a pet. Having a pet is like having a friend that is always with you no matter what. I mean, why wouldn’t you wanna wake up to a goofy, happy face that can’t wait to play with you? No matter what mood you’re in when you wake up, having a pet will always put you in a good mood.


Here are 5 ways that pets can drastically change your life over time:

1.They reduce stress so you live longer

It’s a proven fact that your pet, especially dogs, act like a sponge to absorb your stress. Let me give you a scientific example. When you pet your dog (or cat), you connect with them physically and you get to feel their soft fur. That is the moment oxytocin, the stress and anxiety related hormone, is released and you feel less stressed or anxious.

2.You feel less lonely

In this crazy world, you reach points in your life when you feel that can’t trust anybody. When you have a pet, you can confess all of your secrets to them, and your furry campion will never tell another soul. You can unload your stress by venting to your pet, free of any judgement, and you will always be able to trust in the tiny little creature that you call, “yours”. Very often, pets will look out for you when you feel down, as they act intuitively. It’s like your ex best friend, except you know that your pet will never betray you.

3.They make you responsible

If you grow up having a pet, you will most likely be a caring and more responsible adult.

Having a pet means that you will have to feed them 3 times a day, walk them, play with them, and show them plenty of affection. Your pet is a real living creature, so having a pet can teach you the responsibility of having a baby in the future.


4.They make you healthy

Growing up with a furry animal can improve your immune system and prevent you from developing some allergies. Besides that, having a pet requires you to walk and play with them. It’s a win-win. When you take your pet outside for some fresh air and exercise, you’re getting yourself outside for some exercise as well. When you do this, it releases endorphins, and that is the “happy” hormone.



5.Pets make you social

Whenever I walked my dog in the park, I was always interacting with other dog owners. One person that I met at the park has actually become a good friend of mine. It is always great to get out and connect with like-minded people.


Model: Ionut Vieru


Shirts are from The Mountain.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Mountain.


47 comments on “5 Ways Pets Can Change Your Life

  1. Pets are amazing, loving members of the family! They are also a tremendous responsibility. I always say…”you can take a child almost anywhere but your pets are another story!” It has created challenges for us when we travel. Most of the time my husband and I cannot both go out of state together. But…we still adore, cherish and love our 3 dogs!

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  2. Reblogged this on ravenhawks' magazine and commented:
    Wonderful insightful post.

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  3. I regularly enjoy reading blog posts about animals.

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  4. I don’t care what anyone says. Dogs can totally tell when youre ill or upset. They’re so comforting and loving.

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  5. I fell in love with my neighbors cat when i stayed with my parents. You can say i secretly hijacked her. Igave her a new name and fed her and gave her all the love and attention.She use to wait for me in the afternoons when i came from work and greeted me in the mornings before i left. I unfortunately cannot have a pet now as i live in an apartment in the city. I love this post as i love animals too much 🙂

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  6. I totally can’t wait to come home with a puppy for my kids one day! 🙂 P.S Love your Tshirts! x

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  7. I like how you present it with your shirts. I don’t have any pet now but most of your points are proved by my friends who own. 🙂

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  8. dreammer

    You are right! I found your post interesting! Greetings!

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  9. I wish I had a pet, preferably a cat to keep me company. I call pets our secret healers because it is true they are.

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  10. journeyfreak

    I agree with all these points! Pets are great and I really don’t understand people who don’t like animals (unless they are allergic). They are definitely a stress reliever!

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  11. This is so true ❤ And there is so much more!
    Your pet is your best friend, and the day he's not there anymore, it is very painful 😦 …

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  12. Pets are wonderful! I couldn’t live without my dogs! You are so right, the benefits of having a pet are endless. The best stress relievers!

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  13. We are from small town and have had pets always untill we moved to metro city. And I miss them so badly. 😐 We had at one time had eleven cats from their 4 generations and we had a great time with all of them around. They are really stress busters and the best companions ever.

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    • Awww you should really get a pet if you miss them! Always great to have a little pet by your side, especially if you miss yours.


  14. I’ve never owned a pet but I agree especially with the fact that they give a sense of responsibility.
    Great article. My brother was irresponsible but once he got his dog, he was a changed man.

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  15. I agree with the list. Though which pet to have is a constant confusion

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  16. Awesome list, I think I need to get a pet now and the name of the store where you get your shirts from, especially the blue one with the wolf.

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  17. So well written. I love all animals. Grew up in a tiny village with lots of animals, my first pet was a duck.


  18. I’ve never had a pet, but I’ve noticed that what you say it’s true! My best friend has 5 cats and she can’t do without them and some other friend of mines never get parted from their dogs I think it’s a kind of sibling affection. They say a pet is vey good for very little kids

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  19. We have many pets including dogs, cats. rabbits and 2 hamsters. We are currently rehabilitating an orphaned baby squirrel. They each bring love and joy to our otherwise full lives! Good post! Loved it and all true!

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  20. Haha, this is so true. I never owned a pet, but I can definitely imagine all of this applying to me.

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  21. Yes!! Everything about this post is so true. I’m a new pet owner (about 5 months) and my kitty has changed me so much. And definitely feel less lonely. Especially when my hubby is away for weeks at a time.
    Absolutely love the cool shirts and pictures!

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  22. I don’t like pets,but found your post interesting..


  23. I don’t have pets because I know they can change my life dramatically.

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