5 Ways Pets Can Change Your Life

I have had a pet for as long as I can remember. I live in countryside so it’s definitely easier for me to take care of a pet. Having a pet is like having a friend that is always with you no matter what. I mean, why wouldn’t you wanna wake up to a goofy, happy face that can’t wait to play with you? No matter what mood you’re in when you wake up, having a pet will always put you in a good mood.


Here are 5 ways that pets can drastically change your life over time:

1.They reduce stress so you live longer

It’s a proven fact that your pet, especially dogs, act like a sponge to absorb your stress. Let me give you a scientific example. When you pet your dog (or cat), you connect with them physically and you get to feel their soft fur. That is the moment oxytocin, the stress and anxiety related hormone, is released and you feel less stressed or anxious.

2.You feel less lonely

In this crazy world, you reach points in your life when you feel that can’t trust anybody. When you have a pet, you can confess all of your secrets to them, and your furry campion will never tell another soul. You can unload your stress by venting to your pet, free of any judgement, and you will always be able to trust in the tiny little creature that you call, “yours”. Very often, pets will look out for you when you feel down, as they act intuitively. It’s like your ex best friend, except you know that your pet will never betray you.

3.They make you responsible

If you grow up having a pet, you will most likely be a caring and more responsible adult.

Having a pet means that you will have to feed them 3 times a day, walk them, play with them, and show them plenty of affection. Your pet is a real living creature, so having a pet can teach you the responsibility of having a baby in the future.


4.They make you healthy

Growing up with a furry animal can improve your immune system and prevent you from developing some allergies. Besides that, having a pet requires you to walk and play with them. It’s a win-win. When you take your pet outside for some fresh air and exercise, you’re getting yourself outside for some exercise as well. When you do this, it releases endorphins, and that is the “happy” hormone.



5.Pets make you social

Whenever I walked my dog in the park, I was always interacting with other dog owners. One person that I met at the park has actually become a good friend of mine. It is always great to get out and connect with like-minded people.


Model: Ionut Vieru


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