Why You Shouldn’t Quit

Once you start, you are already making progress.

We all want to have a career, be happy, be successful or to be a millionaire. It’s not working this way. You HAVE to give something back.

Sometimes though could be a stressful process as hard work may not be enough and time may not be very opportune. That’s your chance to make your own path and prove yourself. I feel like that’s the beauty and the motivation you gotta have when chasing your dreams. You have to quit Starbucks for the next few months, buy last season clothes or quit your couch-potato routine? Probably the only people who were able to give up those stuff for some time are the successful people you feel inspired by today.


Always remember that…

It’s a process.
It includes struggling. Struggling means that you are trying hard. It’s a part of the process.
You can take breaks. Nobody is watching you and even if they did, those people have their own problems. It’s your path and life.
Achieve what you can today so you can do what others CAN’T tomorrow.
It’s temporary. The pain you feel now. The happiness you will feel next week. Enjoy every single moment because you shouldn’t let those fluctuations affect you!

Everything will be alright! Don’t quit for the sake of what you want right now. Think long term. 

Take care,